Angel Yeast – Human Health

Angel Yeast – Human Health

Angel Yeast Co., Ltd, founded in 1986, is a world leading yeast technology driven manufacturer with 11 state of the art production bases in China, Egypt and Russia. We are committed to the mission of developing yeast biotechnology and innovate for healthy life.

Based on 11 applied science service and technology centers, we provide yeast products across diversified segments such as bakery, food, nutrition, fermentation and biotechnology as well as technical solutions. Our products and services are available in more than 155 countries and regions.

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Yeast beta glucan to boost immunity, improve sleep quality and reduce sore throat symptoms associated with flu and common colds

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Flu fighters: how yeast beta-glucan can boost immunity

Study reveals beta-glucan from baker’s yeast can help to support the immune system, improve sleep quality and reduce symptoms for flu and the common cold.

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