BannerBio Nutraceuticals Inc.

BannerBio Nutraceuticals

Since its inception just over ten years ago, BannerBio®​, one of the top professional manufacturers in botanical extract, has substituted the high energy-consuming processes for more energy-efficient methods by using unique high activity technology in the production process, forming its own unique combining technique "ActXTract®​". Now, for example, because of the world-wide recognition for its unique quality and advanced production processes, BannerBio's GriffsTract®​ (Griffonia Seed Extract) continues to garner significant market share worldwide, and in particular North America where it captures 40% of the market.

Another key strategy of BannerBio®​ is focusing on its new and innovative microencapsulation technology NanoEncaps®​, which was dedicated to providing its customers with the most advanced nano-formulation platform. The value-added NanoEncaps® ​will deliver superior performance and stability for a wide range of multi-functional ingredients such as (a) enhanced taste and odor masking (b) controlled-releasing (c) increased stability in extreme processing conditions (d) increased fluidity, solubility and bioavailability. Moreover, NanoEncaps®​ platform will lead BannerBio®​ to provide its clients with alternatively diverse functions in a holistic approach: (a) spray drying (b) granulating (c) blending/premixing (d) micronizing (e) fluidizing/coating/encapsulating (f) contract manufacturing.