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Carbery is a leading manufacturer of whey protein concentrates, isolates and hydrolysates. Headquartered in Balineen, Ireland, Carbery is owned by four co-operatives, employing approximately 400 people with a turnover of €224 million.

Carbery’s whey protein based technical capabilities and innovative ingredient solutions add value to a wide range of products, particularly beverages, nutritional snacks, tablets and protein supplements. Whey proteins deliver a superior biological value over other proteins, offer excellent solubility, and are rich in branch chain amino acids.

Carbery’s latest ingredient innovation, Optipep®​ SN, is a superior clean tasting hydrolysed whey protein specifically designed for the sports nutrition market. High in di- and tri-peptides, it is ideal for rapid delivery of essential peptides for protein fortification, recovery and strength building.

Carbery’s Isolac®​ range of whey protein isolates are produced using Cross-Flow-Micro Filtration to ensure high quality, low fat, clean taste, excellent clarity and low lactose. Isolac Clear enables manufacturers to deliver clean tasting beverages with whey protein.

Carbery’s flavour division, Synergy, offers customers added value throughout the product development process to create appealing, flavoured whey protein enriched end products. Carbery is also a key member of Food for Health Ireland (FHI) – a partnership of leading academic and government research organizations and major dairy processors in Ireland.

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Optipep™: clean-tasting hydrolysed whey proteins

Optipep™: clean-tasting hydrolysed whey proteins

Content provided by Carbery | 14-Nov-2005 | Product Brochure

Optipep™ is a new range of innovative whey protein hydrolysates for clinical, infant and sports nutrition - and now an even wider range of everyday foods...