HP Ingredients

HP Ingredients

Since 2001, HP Ingredients has been delivering herbal science. HP Ingredients Corporation, a certified Woman-Owned Company, was founded by Annie Eng, who is the pioneer responsible for bringing Tongkat Ali to the North American dietary supplement industry.

HP Ingredients shows and tells the enriching stories of health-promoting botanicals sustainably sourced globally. HPI researches, manufactures and supplies safe, unique, branded, patented, clinically proven herbal extracts with complete traceability. HP Ingredients was recently NSF certified, and its Bergamonte® is also recently self-affirmed GRAS.

One of HPI’s main powers is the reinvestment into new research and certifications of its signature ingredients, collaborating with globally prestigious universities and research institutions. This is why our tagline is “Where Science Never Sleeps,” as we are continually researching -- whether it is pre-clinical or human clinicals, each study is a valuable chapter in each of our ingredients’ ongoing stories.

In 2021, HP Ingredients became a vertically based supplier of citrus ingredients for health products, chiefly Bergamonte®​ and CitruSlim®​ with its significant shareholder position with Herbal & Antioxidant Derivatives (H&AD) of Calabria, Italy, responsible for worldwide sales and marketing; HP Ingredients is now a significant shareholder of H&AD.

Herbal & Antioxidant Derivatives (H&AD) is a renowned Italian company that develops and markets science-based and patented Mediterranean extracts in more than 20 countries throughout Europe and Asia, as well as Australia and the USA.

Along with pre-clinical and clinical studies proving our products’ effectiveness, we adopted the longstanding principles of the Mediterranean Diet, which is characterized by consuming an abundance of vegetables and citrus. Within this context, we re-evaluated the use of Bergamot, which has been used for centuries in traditional medicine to improve circulatory and metabolic wellness, and to support cardiovascular function. Today, H&AD is considered one of the top-ranking companies in Bergamot derivatives and natural products. H&AD is the owner of several patents concerning both the extraction procedures and the therapeutic efficiency of its products.

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