LEHVOSS Nutrition

LEHVOSS Nutrition

LEHVOSS Nutrition​ specialize in the sourcing, technical approval, sales and marketing of specialty ingredients for the food supplement, pharma, animal nutrition and functional foods industries.​

Under the Gee Lawson name, LEHVOSS Nutrition​ proudly represent and market a range of scientifically proven branded ingredients and core nutritional raw materials.

LEHVOSS Nutrition​ work with an approved supplier network and utilize global resources to deliver expert knowledge, marketing and quality solutions to all our customers and partners.

We have commercial offices and dedicated experienced sales managers in Germany, UK, Italy, France, Spain, Ireland, Scandinavia and Poland.

Our product portfolio covers areas from Immune, Gut Health, Healthy Aging, to Beauty Within, Joint Health and Active & Sports Nutrition.  Plant Based ingredients are our focus.

 ​​​Some of the Branded Ingredients we represent include:​​

Our generic raw material range includes:​ hyaluronic acid, plant proteins, coenzyme Q10, botanical extracts, probiotics, carotenoids, antioxidants, marine derived ingredients and more, including a wide range of quality minerals, from the Lehmann&Voss&Co. Division​  in Hamburg.

Dedicated departments within the LEHVOSS Group also service the cosmetic and pharma sectors across the globe.

For more information please visit our website​   or contact znexrgvat@yruibff.pb.hx​   

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