LEHVOSS Nutrition

LEHVOSS Nutrition

LEHVOSS Nutrition​ is a business activity of the LEHVOSS Group, dedicated to the marketing and distribution of nutraceutical ingredients and minerals for Food Supplements, Functional Foods and Animal Nutrition. We specialise in scientifically proven, trademarked ingredients manufactured by top worldwide companies. We also provide a selection of carefully chosen ingredients from our Essentials range, along with natural, plant-based solutions from our PlantNutra®​ line and a variety of high quality minerals from our PHARMAGNESIA®​ range.

We offer a wide and varied selection of key branded ingredients across Europe, such as PureWay™ B (B-Complex)​, PureWay-C®​, PureWay-C® Liposomal​, PureWay™ D (Vitamin D3)​, PureWay™ G (Glutathione)​, PureWay™ M (Melatonin)​, PureWay™ Multi Vitamin​, PureWay™ Q (Quercetin)​, Bacognize®​, Longvida®​, Pomella®​, Restoridyn®​, Tinofend®​, Witholytin®​, WokVel®​, Naticol®​, HAPLEX®Plus​, OptiMSM®​, Golden Omega®​, GOtab®​, Benexia®​, PureSea®​, AmLexin®​, Attenutin™​, Univestin®​, Veri-te®​, XanMax®​ and more.

For Animal Health applications, we offer Anivestin™​, EpiCor® Pets​, GOtab®​, PureSea® Pet​, OptiMSM®​ and Wokvel®​.

With several years’ experience in international sourcing and long-term partnerships with leading qualified manufacturers, you can rely on our dedicated team to fulfil your requirements for nutraceuticals, minerals, and much more.

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