SynBalance srl

SynBalance srl

Over 10 years of experience in probiotics.

Born in 2022 as a spin-off of ROELMI HPC, we aim at becoming a leader in biotechnology thanks to all expertise gained in these years, with a huge number of projects fulfilled at worldwide level as well as the network of researchers, contributing to a multi-faced scientific approach.

SynBalance designs, develops and manufactures top-quality probiotic bacteria. Offering a wide selection of proprietary strains belonging to Lactobacilli​, Bifidobacteria​ and other species developed through cutting-edge bio-fermentation technology. SynBalance is the ideal partner for seeking market success thanks to complete product dossiers and clinically tested concepts. The expertise on ingredients and finished products development is at the service of innovation and customization.

Our team, characterized by well-crafted expertise in the field of probiotics, can offer proactive solutions to help final consumers in their health-aiming journey, with particular attention to increasingly competitive prospects. Innovations matching time-to-market, thus responding to the fast-changing and trend-oriented nutraceutical industry.

SynBalance project is a dream come true, like an astonishing and adventurous trip.

This is a ride through the path of innovation and science, through the continuous rediscovery of humankind and its ancestral symbiosis with resident micro-organisms. A journey apparently run on a trodden route such as the probiotic one, rather a partially explored universe with so many galaxies yet to be discovered.

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