With more than 170 years of experience in the field of collagen protein, Weishardt is a French supplier for competitively priced, high-quality fish collagen peptides, fish and pig skin gelatine and also texturizing systems dedicated to the food and pharmacy industries. Innovation is the key force of the company to provide the best answer to the customers. Gelatin Flakes and Instant Gel, the two recent innovative clean label products can substitute leaf gelatin. They offer guaranties in terms of availability, are easier to use and allow costs saving in recipes.

Additionally, interest in proteins across functional food and drinks continues to grow, with a rising demand for natural and healthy ingredients, particularly in sports, weight management and sarcopenia prevention. WEISHARDT, a world leader in health protein production, innovates by offering pure fish collagen peptides, Naticol®. The range of Naticol® products is mainly directed to functional food & beverage applications, cosmetofoods, nutraceutical and well-being products. The action of Naticol®, fish collagen peptides is proven by scientific studies conducted in different areas: skin beauty (2 clinical studies), sport, joint health, weight management and much more. The power of proteins is undeniable and particularly, the power and efficacy of Naticol® which is both highly bioavailable and bioactive. Naticol is an health ingredient of choice for your finished formulation worldwide. In this health area, Weishardt is supported by Europe and Region Midi-Pyrenees to invest more than US$ 2 million grant for Research in fish collagen peptides.

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New study :  2,5g Naticol® collagen for skin beauty

New study : 2,5g Naticol® collagen for skin beauty

Content provided by WEISHARDT | 21-Nov-2017 | White Paper

It’s a key part of Weishardt’s mission to stay on top of both today’s and tomorrow’s major trends.

These new results support Naticol® use...