Supplement company cashes in on Anthrax scare

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Go2Pharmacy launches herbo-nutrient supplement to boost immune

Go2Pharmacy, Inc., a US manufacturer of dietary supplements, announced this week that it has developed and begun marketing an immuno-modulator, an all-natural herbo-nutrient supplement, called Thraxide.​ Created by Go2Pharmacy's President and scientist, Kotha Sekharam, Thraxide was developed to help boost the immune system and to apparently protect against severe bacterial toxins like Anthrax. "Thraxide works on a simple mechanism,"​ commented Dr. Sekharam in a statement. "When there is a bacterial or viral attack to the body, antibiotics are prescribed to kill them. However, bacteria, such as anthrax, release toxins in the body. Our approach was to focus on the body rather than focusing on the bacteria or the virus. When the body's natural fighting mechanism (the immune system) is boosted or strengthened, it should be able to withstand this attack. It is like reinforcing windows in your house before a hurricane. Thraxide is designed to help the body boost the immune system while aiding in cleaning out the toxic byproduct of such an attack."​ The company has filed for patent protection on the product, which is made with a proprietary blend of natural herbs, vitamins, amino acids and other nutrients.

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