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Study: How can an unhealthy diet contribute to loss of vision?

By Nikki Cutler

An unhealthy diet can contribute to the development of eye diseases which lead to a loss of vision, University of Southampton research has revealed, indicating a potential new treatment route through which these cells could be rescued before diseases...

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Calling all Probiotics, Prebiotics, and Microbiome start-ups!

Put your start-up center stage with our new Probiota Pioneers session

By Stephen Daniells

NutraIngredients-USA is on the hunt for entrepreneurial consumer-facing, science- or technology-based start-ups to join our Probiota Pioneers session and present their company in Vancouver.

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Review reveals nutritional benefits of health apps

By Nikki Cutler

A systematic review and meta-analysis has demonstrated that dietary mobile apps are effective at improving nutrition in adults with chronic diseases, especially where the aim is for weight loss.

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Clinical relevance: Vitamin C backed to shorten ICU stays

By Nathan Gray

Oral supplementation with vitamin C at an average dose of two grams per day could significantly cut the length of time of stays in intensive care units, according to a new meta-analysis of clinical trial data.

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