2018/2019 Editorial Calendar

Editorial Schedule and Features List

NutraIngredients Editorial Calendar 2017
August 2018Omega-3
September 2018Probiotics
October 2018Healthy Ageing
November 20181. Hi Europe pre-show
2. Botanicals
F2F conference Sports nutrition
December 20181. Hi Europe post-show
2. Year round up / 2019 predicitons
January 2019Probiota preview
February 20191. Probiota post-event
2. Clinical Nutrition
March 2019Encapsulation Technologies: Beyond SupplementsOnline Conference: Clinical nutrition/trial design and management 2020
April 2019Vitafoods Preview Week
May 20191. Awards Roundup
2. Vitafoods Roundup
NutraIngredients Awards
June 2019Infant & Maternal Nutrition
July 2019Personalised NutritionOnline Conference: Personalised Nutrition 2019
August 2019Beauty From Within
September 20191. Microbiome (Prebiotics, Probiotics)SPORTS NUTRITION CONGRESS (with ESSNA)
October 20191. SNC Wrap Up
2. Functional Protein
November 2019Healthy ageingOnline conference: Healthy ageing 2019
December 2019Botanicals

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