2019/2020 Editorial Calendar

Editorial Schedule and Features List

NutraIngredients Editorial Calendar 2019
August 2019Beauty From Within
September 20191. Microbiome (Prebiotics, Probiotics)SPORTS NUTRITION CONGRESS (with ESSNA)
October 20191. SNC Wrap Up
2. Functional Protein
November 2019Healthy ageingOnline conference: Healthy ageing 2019
December 2019Botanicals
January 2020Probiota Global Preview
February 20201. Probiota Global Wrap-Up
2. Sports & Active
Probiota Global 2020
March 2020Omega-3Online Conference: OMEGA-3
April 20201. Vitafoods Preview Week - Sport Nutrition
2. Vitafoods Preview Week - Omega 3
3. Vitafoods Preview Week - Probiotics
4. Vitafoods Preview Week - Event preview - best of above
May 2020NutraIngredients Awards
June 2020PrebiototicsWebinar: Gut health/ Microbiome
August 2020Probiotics
September 20201. Morther & Baby
2. Sports & Active Nutition
Sports Nutrition Summit 2020
October 2020Clinical Nutrition
November 20201. HIE Pre-show - Sports nutrition
2. HIE Pre-show - Gut health
3. HIE Pre-show - Generic
December 20201. Healthy ageing
2. Weight Management
3. End of Year Wrap
Online conference: Healthy ageing
January 2021Probiota Preview
February 2021BotanicalsProbiota 2021
March 2021Cognitive Health

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