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Immunity and holistic wellness: Innovating for the post-pandemic world

By Nikki Hancocks

Worldwide demand for immunity products is likely to deliver a permanent ‘new norm’ of higher growth for these types of supplements and brands will need to innovate to meet heightened demands, according to the boss of global nutraceutical developer SIRIO...

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Editor's Spotlight: Startup Focus

Chronic migraine sufferer turns pain into passion with biotech startup

By Nikki Hancocks

A doctor, researcher and former chronic migraine sufferer, has launched her own biotech startup company named KetoSwiss selling supplements that she argues can help control migraine pain by tapping into our own biological mechanisms.

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Plant extract combination may relieve hangover symptoms

By Nikki Hancocks

A plant extract combination of fruits, leaves, and roots may help to relieve hangover symptoms, according to a large randomised double-blind placebo-controlled intervention study by researchers from Johannes Gutenberg-University, in Germany.

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