Tantivy to distribute V-Tech products

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V-Tech has granted Tantivy Sciences an exclusive license to two
products: Vasodyne and Natural Smokeless.

Tantivy Sciences has signed an exclusive distribution license with V-Tech LLC, a California-based biomedical company which develops medical foods, dietary supplements and pharmaceutical applications to non-drug products.

V-Tech has granted Tantivy Sciences an exclusive license to two products: Vasodyne and Natural Smokeless.

Vasodyne, the newest product licensed by Tantivy Sciences, is designed to raise facial temperature to provide increased blood flow by increasing the brain chemical nitric oxide. Clinical trials have demonstrated that the increased facial blood flow brought about by the Vasodyne product provides several benefits, including reducing wrinkles and improving age-related skin damage.

Natural Smokeless is a dietary supplement that increases the synthesis of neurotransmitters that are depleted by nicotine. It is designed to suppress nicotine cravings, and thus help smokers reduce the number of cigarettes they smoke. Clinical trials have established a significant reduction in nicotine cravings in smokers who used Natural Smokeless, which resulted in fewer cigarettes smoked.

The Natural Smokeless product was formerly licensed through a joint venture, which was discontinued by Tantivy Sciences in favour of a direct licensing arrangement.

The V-Tech products were developed using a proprietary process, known as targeted cellular technology, which allows certain amino acids to target and enter nerve, brain and muscle cells in order to selectively produce neurotransmitters without pharmacological tolerance.

Several proprietary products have been developed through this patented process, all of which directly affect specific neurotransmitter functions. Neurotransmitters control all of the automatic functions of the body, including heart rate, breathing, mood, sleep, temperature, memory, mental acuity, and muscle strength.

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