Xechem unlocks Africa's secrets

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Xechem sets up subsidiary to develop and market a range of
nutraceutical products from Nigeria, a country with a rich

Xechem International of the US has formed an African subsidiary, Xechem Pharmaceuticals Nigeria, which will manufacture, market and distribute a number of pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals of African origin.

The company said the decision to set up the Nigerian subsidiary had been taken because the country was well-known for its biodiversity, and that it had the potential to be a rich source of new pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products.

Ramesh C. Pandey, Xechem's president and CEO, said: "Xechem has now positioned itself to take advantage of the rich biodiversity of Nigeria and the African continent to identify long held secrets of nature's natural product pharmaceuticals, and to make these products available throughout the world for treating a variety of diseases and maladies."

Xechem International​, headquartered in New Brunswick, New Jersey and with subsidiary companies in the US, India, Nigeria and joint venture partners in both Hong Kong and China, is a biopharmaceutical company engaged in the research, development and production of generic and proprietary drugs from natural sources, specialising in the development of treatments for HIV and cancer. It is also developing a range of products designed to combat antibiotic resistant bacteria.

The company's XetaPharm subsidiary develops nutritional products such as GinkgoOnce, GinsengOnce, GarlicOnce, Gugulon, VIDA PRAS and numerous other nutraceutical products.

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