OsteoPure jumps on the HRT bandwagon

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Yet another natural product touted as an effective alternative to
HRT has been launched in the US. OsteoPure Plus is a spin-off of
the bone-building supplement from Marathon Nutrifoods.

There has been no let up in the number of new products being launched to provide alternative forms of oestrogen replacement following the recent study linking HRT with an increased risk of ovarian cancer.

The latest product launched to plug the gap left by HRT is OsteoPure Plus from Marathon Nutrifoods, the US-based producer of the OsteoPure dietary supplement which is designed to combat osteoporosis. Like its parent product, OsteoPure Plus is also designed to help stimulate bone growth but it also provides natural oestrogen replacement and promotes hormonal balance.

In addition to the bone-building formula used in OsteoPure, the new supplement also contains pueraria root, a natural source of phytoestrogens similar to soy, which is widely used for maintaining balance of the female hormonal cycle. Pueraria root is also a powerful antioxidant and is used in Eastern medicine for a wide variety of ailments, including improving vitality, alleviating premenstrual syndrome, preventing mood swings and enhancing breast size.

Marathon claims that research has shown that regular consumption of pueraria root can have a revitalising effect on the overall health of most women. Pueraria has also been shown to restore libido, relieve hot flushes and alleviate sleep disturbance, enhance and firm the breasts and hips, as well as help eliminate acne and skin blemishes while enhancing skin texture, the company said.

Both supplements are available without prescription, but they are not yet on sale to the majority of the public, at least through traditional retail, with only select stores in the Tampa, Florida-area carrying the supplements. However, the company said that orders can be made for both products through its website.

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