European patents approved for Neuroskin

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AVVAA World Health Care Products wins patents for its Neuroskin
range of natural skin care products, and plans major international
rollout by year-end.

US biotech company AVVAA World Health Care Products has been awarded European patents for its Neuroskin skincare range.

The natural products are designed to relieve and treat the symptoms of skin diseases such as psoriasis, eczema and acne.

Jack Farley, CEO and president of AVVAA​ World Health Care said: "Co-ownership rights with the inventor will strengthen AVVAA's position as a worldwide healthcare product provider. Neuroskin has many dynamic applications, and co-ownership of its European patents provides us the brand equity for future licensing opportunities."

He added: "We are in the process of negotiating manufacturing contracts and distribution networks throughout United States and Canada for the Neuroskin line of skin care products, which we expect will be in pharmacy shelves before the end of the year."

At present there is no cure for psoriasis, eczema or acne, yet the company claims nearly 40 million Americans suffer from a dermatological condition, resulting in $4 billion annually being spent on treatments.

The company is targeting patients who have been initially recommended one of the current toxic therapies and will eventually be forced to stop that therapy and seek out a less toxic treatment.

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