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US nutritional supplement supplier Carolwood Corporation is making
the claim that the supplement Lignisul MSM could be good for our

US nutritional supplement supplier Carolwood Corporation is making the claim that the supplement Lignisul MSM could be good for our gums.

The company recently announced the preliminary results of a 42 person human study whereby patients receiving a series of treatments with an all-natural system containing Lignisul MSM had a 66.8 per cent reduction in gum problem areas compared to those patients who only received the conventional treatment consisting of periodontal root planings.

"The study showed that the number of periodontal pockets (the space between the gums and the tooth) of 4 mm or more decreased by 66.8 per cent with Perio-Tek, an all natural approach to periodontal disease,"​ said Marvin Frager who conducted the research. "Periodontal pockets in the control group decreased 11.5 per cent."

"Pockets from periodontal disease can be a result of harmful oral bacterial, poor oral hygiene and lowered immunity,"​ continued Dr. Frager. "Based on these results, we believe the Perio-Tek system may prevent periodontal disease, in most cases, and reverse it in those patients who already have the disease."

In addition, the company claims there was an average decrease in all pocket size measurements of 15.5 per cent in the patients receiving the natural supplements and treatments, compared to only 0.2 per cent decrease for the control group; and the bleeding index (a measure of gum bleeding caused by periodontal disease) decreased 59.6 per cent, compared to 20.06 per cent in the control.

"Up to this point, the standard treatment has consisted of deep root planings plus application of antibiotic gels in the pocket areas, as well as oral antibiotics,"​ said Dr. Frager. "However, this only temporarily kills the bacteria causing the periodontal disease."

The Perio-Tek system includes perriodontal root planings and treatment with an all-natural gel-in a tray and under the gums with a syringe. The gel consists of Lignisul MSM, that provides biologically active sulfur, plus other proprietary natural ingredients. The company reports that the natural supplement system also includes a home care kit that consists of chewable mints that adhere to the gums and teeth for up to four hours, killing the harmful bacteria, and improving breath, a systemic immune boosting product, containing Lignisul MSM​, to replace the healthy bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract, and a method, left undescribed, of replacing healthy bacteria in the gums and mouth.

"The natural supplement system is designed to keep harmful bacteria and periodontal disease from returning, so the patient will only require periodic maintenance care. With conventional care, periodontal disease often returns, and is progressive, requiring expensive repeat treatments with harsh chemicals that can cause side effects. The natural supplement system is less costly than conventional treatment with antibiotics and produces no negative side effects, "​ added Frager.

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