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The International Alliance of Dietary Supplement Associations
(IADSA) is holding a conference in Brazil to help establish a set
of regulations for food supplements in the Latin America region.

The International Alliance of Dietary Supplement Associations (IADSA) is holding a conference to help establish a food supplements regulatory code for countries in Latin America.

Targeted at health food manufacturers, scientists and industry members, the October conference will focus on the role of food supplements in promoting the health of the national populations. Attendees will also consider the different needs and issues involved in creating a regulatory framework for supplements that can be adopted by the whole region.

The conference follows similar events in Africa and Asia in the last two years which have resulted in action programmes for the region's national governments to formulate compatible regulations.

IADSA​ hopes the meeting will offer opportunities to share views and experiences across neighbouring countries and other regions of the world and address any differences in the cultural and nutritional needs of the countries' populations.

As rates of diet-related chronic diseases, such as heart disease and cancer, increase, supplements are increasingly regarded as a way of managing the health in an aging population and one of the most cost-effective and rapid means of controlling vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

The two-day programme, to be held in Rio de Janeiro from 8-9 October, will examine the food supplement market in Latin America; the role, benefits and safety of supplements; and the current regulations from a cross section of Latin American nations with comparative experiences and models adopted in Europe and North America.

The potential for change in Latin America will also be explored and conclusions drawn in an open debate by decision makers and regulators.

The conference is open to any representatives of organisations involved in the development, supply, regulation or advice of food supplements from any part of the world. There will be simultaneous translations of the presentations and discussion in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

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