Gadot driving into nutraceuticals market

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Citrate salts manufacturer Gadot Biochemical is looking to boost
its strong growth with a new range of mineral combinations as well
as plans to add new ingredients through acquisitions.

The Israel-based firm has recorded 70 per cent growth in the last three years, diversifying from citric acid into citrate salts like calcium and the premium sweetener crystalline fructose.

These products have allowed it to target growth sectors like low-calorie foods and fortified and functional beverages.

A new line that combines minerals with other nutrients to enhance their absorption in the body is set to add value to its calcium citrate business. Calcium citrate has long been under pressure from Chinese competition that is now thought to account for about a third of the supply.

Among the new Gadot products are a calcium citrate and inulin combination, calcium citrate combined with vitamin D3 and calcium citrate with phosphorous.

"The number of calcium products is limited. Now we would like to add value by offering customers more bioavailability,"​ Ronny Hacham, vice president of marketing at Gadot, told

The products will be targeted at the nutraceuticals and functional foods industry where bioavailability is key. Customers will also be able to promted added health benefits.

"Its well known that soluble fibres like inulin improves the absorption of minerals,"​ Hacham explained. "But while we were working to improve bioavailability of our products, we found that we could get additional benefits from the co-ingredients."

Since inulin has benefits for gut health, heart health and blood sugar control, the new product Gadolin Calcium offers an additional, and synergistic effect.

Gadot is buying in the inulin from Belgian producer Cosucra and relying on previous research demonstrating its effect on enhancing mineral absorption.

There is also considerable evidence, documented on the firm's website​, to support the effect of vitamin D on calcium bioavailability. The vitamin has been shown to improve calcium absorption by up to 80 per cent.

"This is not our invention. We are just putting them [the calcium citrate and vitamin D combination, called TCC-VitD] together in the right ratio,"​ said Hacham.

The nutrient combination makes handling easier for formulators and could offer cost savings, as well as a claim for higher bioavailability.

It also reflects an increasing trend among mineral ingredients suppliers.

Last year Boehringer Ingelheim developed a fully reacted Potassium and Magnesium L-aspartate to meet increasing demand for this combination in foods.

Gadolin Calcium would suit functional beverages targeting women at risk of osteoporosis as well as overweight consumers at risk of diabetes.

Another new product Gadophit, combining calcium citrate and phosphorous, is designed for the fortification of soy milk and soy foods.

"In the last few years Gadot has launched two to three innovative products each year. We intend to keep on developing or acquiring novel products and businesses in order to increase our market share and strengthen our position in the nutraceuticals market,"​ added Hacham.

Gadot received a GMP certification from the Israeli Ministry of Health in November and has also recently gained certification of approval for HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points).

These quality standards will allow it to enhance its position as regulators in different regions increasingly look at improving product quality in the supplements market.

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