Burgundy builds science behind Devil's Claw ingredient

By Stephen Daniells

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Burgundy's IridoForce ingredient may inhibit the activity of
cyclo-oxygenase (COX-2) by 31 per cent, says a new study that adds
to the joint health benefits of the ingredient.

Results from a battery of experiments have been reported by Burgundy, including the inhibition of COX-2, an enzyme which is linked to the inflammatory process, and the stimulation of hyaluronic acid in human cartilage cells (chondrocytes). The ingredient contains gluco-iridoids from Harpagophytum procumbens (Devil's Claw) and was launched by the France-based company at the Vitafoods conference in Geneva this May. Gontran Gaillot, sales director, told NutraIngredients.com: "This study was finalised recently, and complements very well the existing studies with Harpagophytum.​ The data is yet to be published in a peer-review journal, and NutraIngredients.com has not seen the full data. Gaillot confirmed, however, that the study will be published soon in an American journal. The scientific dossier states: "Burgundy developed one confirmatory study demonstrating the relevant effect against the COX-2, and two studies based on new protocols with a multiple exploratory of the effectiveness on human chondrocytes." ​ The COX-2 study reports that, at a concentration of 0.01 mg per mL, activity of the inflammatory enzyme was inhibited by 31 per cent. In the additional in vitro​ studies with the chondrocytes, incubation of the cartilage cells with 0.1372 mg/mL of the Devil's Claw extract resulted in a 38 per cent increase in glycosaminoglycans, important compounds in connective tissue and found in joint fluid. Moreover, synthesis of hyaluronic acid (HA), a glucosaminoglycan extracellular matrix constituent that occurs naturally in the human body, was increased by 41 per cent at the same concentration. "This efficiency means that IridoForce stimulates new formation of extra cellular matrix (ECM) which is a way to fight against arthritis disease,"​ states Burgundy. In terms of commercial availability, the standard percentage of harpagosides is five per cent UV, 2 per cent HPLC. Burgundy had already offered a version that was two per cent UV and five per cent HPLC, but it has now gone a step further with a product that boasts 40 per cent UV and 20 per cent HPLC. Whereas standard extracts would require 40mg contained in 10 soft gels per day to have an action, the same amount of IridoForce can be put in just one. If it is combined with other joint health ingredients like glucosamine and chondroitin, just two capsules are needed.

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