Magnesium ingredient targets beverages market

By Shane Starling

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Israeli supplier Gadot Biochemical has launched a "stable
dispersion" magnesium citrate blend that can be used in soy
beverages to boost levels of a vital nutrient.

Called Gadomag K, Gadot says the ingredient seeks to provide magnesium fortification options for soy drinks, milk drinks, smoothies, infant formula and other milk substitutes.

The ingredient is also being marketed for its ability to prevent kidney stones and to meet standard Recommended Daily Amount (RDA) requirements, especially in soy drinks and vegetarian infant formulas.

Ronny Hacham, Gadot's vice president of business development and marketing, said two years of research and development had delivered a patented ingredient that had "excellent dispersion" in liquids, a hurdle many mineral offerings fail to overcome.

"Testing has demonstrated the ingredient does not coagulate with other ingredients in typical beverage formulations," Hacham told

"And this has been achieved without the use of traditional stabilisers such hydracolloids that are typical in ingredients such as this."

Patents and ballparks The company last week files for a patent for the composition, production and application of Gadomag K, and would be seeking to extend it worldwide within 12 months, Hacham said.

He said the ingredient would be priced in "the ballpark" of other magnesium offerings which typically cost about €6-8 per kilogram.

But he noted prices fluctuate wildly due to magnesium source type and magnesium content.

Gadomag K consists of 10 per cent elemental magnesium and 10 per cent elemental potassium.

The company said several studies demonstrated the potential for magnesium-potassium compounds to benefit kidney stones.

In a statement Hacham said: "We developed a magnesium-potassium citrate compound with a synergistic effect targeting both mineral supplementation and the prevention kidney stones.

According to several studies, potassium-magnesium citrate supports treatment and prevention of, and is associated with a reduced risk, of kidney stones."

Soy much potential Soy beverages are usually deficient in magnesium and Gadot's sees great potential in the sector.

Recent TNS Worldpanel.

figures provided by The Grocer magazine in the UK show soy sales are growing at 10 per cent in 2008 compared to 3.2 per cent last year, as links to varying health benefits stack up and product formulations and taste improves.

The Grocer predicted growth would continue as manufacturers emphasised soy's health credentials rathe than its free-from dairy staus.

Major brands such as Alpro and So Good have pursued this line recently.

New product applications such as soy bars, which have gained market share in the US, were being launched in the UK, along with other soy snacks.

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