DSM seeks algae omega-3 expansion for infant formula

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DSM seeks algae omega-3 expansion for infant formula

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DSM Nutritional Products has applied for an EU novel foods extension for a micro-algae-derived DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) omega-3 form to be used in infant formula products.

The application is for a different algae to that already approved and widely used in infant formula and marketed by DSM-owned Martek Biosciences (Crypthecodinium cohnii​).

A UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) evaluation of the DSM application for the current algae (Schizochytrium sp.​) concluded it was a, “safe and suitable vegetarian and sustainably produced alternative to fish oil for use in infant and follow-on formula in foods, PARNUTS and food supplement products as a source of the important LCP DHA.”

It is the sixth time a party has sought expansion of the original Martek Biosciences novel foods approval for Crypthecodinium cohnii.

The FSA’s Advisory Committee on Novel Foods and Processes (ACNFP) is calling for public comment on the application​ until October 20.

Glucose replacement

The UK FSA is also calling for comment on an application​ from UK start-up TDeltaS for a molecule called D-β-Hydroxybutyrate it says can replace lost glucose during sporting activity.

“D-β-Hydroxybutyrate is a 'ketone body' produced by the human body when a limited amount of glucose is available, such as during intense and prolonged physical exertion,”​ the FSA said.

It is being proposed for use in food supplements to wghich the FSA said there was no safety concern.

“The capacity of the human body to produce and utilize ketones, as well as the long history of use of ketogenic diets, also support the safety of D-β-Hydroxybutyrate ester for its intended use.”

An EU novel food is a food or food ingredient that does not have a significant history of consumption within the European Union before 15 May 1997.

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