Human study observes mango microcirculation boost

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The study results suggest moderate beneficial effects of mango on microcirculation, partly mediated by endothelial nitric oxide synthase activation. ( Taulman)
The study results suggest moderate beneficial effects of mango on microcirculation, partly mediated by endothelial nitric oxide synthase activation. ( Taulman)

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Vital Solutions GmbH has published the results of human trials that demonstrate the efficacy of its mango powder product Careless in supporting the microcirculation process.

The research comes off the back of previous in vitro​ studies by the company that found mango powder triggered a ‘master switch’ enzyme – SIRT 1 – that recognised nutrient intake and signalled to other enzymes that controlled the glucose and lipid metabolic process.

The new study took 100mg and 300mg doses of Careless and enrolled ten healthy women in a randomised, double-blind, crossover pilot study to determine optimal dosage.

Results indicated a daily 100mg dose of Careless was sufficient enough to improve microcirculation. Cutaneous blood flow increased over time in nine of the volunteers taking the 100mg dose (54 % over pre-values, p = 0.0157) and to a lesser extent with the 300mg dose (35 % over pre-value, p = 0.209).

Careless_Logo_credit_vital solutions
Careless is a mango fruit powder obtained from fruits harvested at a special degree of ripeness (credit: Vital Solutions)

Careless’ efficacy was also tested on its ability to activate endothelial nitric oxide synthase, an important regulator for endothelial function. Here, it was tested in vitro​ in primary human umbilical vein endothelial cells.

Careless—after simulation of digestion—increased the activated form of endothelial nitric oxide synthase dose-dependently by 23 % (300 µg/mL), 42 % (1500 µg/mL), and 60 % (3000 µg/mL) compared to the untreated control.

“Measurement of microcirculation provides information on metabolism and vascular reactivity,”​ said the study's authors. “The study results suggest moderate beneficial effects of Careless on microcirculation, partly mediated by endothelial nitric oxide synthase activation.”

Following the results of these human trials the company could now file a dossier with the European Food Safety Authority (ESFA) to receive a health claim. Currently, manufacturers in Europe can only make nutritional claims with the mango powder as it is high in fibre.

Mango’s potential             

“Mangos for Careless are cultivated in the Tamil Nadu region in the south of India,”​ Dr Sybille Buchwald-Werner, managing director at Vital Solutions told NutraIngredients.

“The Mango subspecies used for Careless is called “Kili-mookku” They are harvested at a special degree of ripeness, when the content of secondary plant ingredients is high and sugar is low. The generic mango powder is obtained by drying juice from ripe fruits,”​ she added. The resultant powder has found uses as a cereal or cereal bar binding ingredient that could aid stability and good dosage distribution throughout the product.

In terms of vascular health potential the benefits of mango have been well documented. A pilot study​ that appeared in the journal Nutrition and Metabolic Insights​, indicated consumption of freeze-dried mango may reduce blood glucose levels for obese individuals.

The study identified mangiferin, an antioxidant present in mangos could contribute to the beneficial effects of mango on blood glucose. Mangiferin is present in mango to varying degrees. Its seeds contain 0.42 mg/kg, whilst its peel and pulp contain 1690.4 mg/kg and 4.4 mg/kg respectively.

Higher education links

Last month Vital Solutions opened a new laboratory at Beuth University, Berlin to further develop and showcase their products. In cooperation with the university’s department for food technology, the new facilities will assist in delivering concepts through to production and retail.

Vital Solutions have strengthened their links to higher education with a new lab at Beuth University (Credit: Vital Solutions).

“Vital Solutions will also offer internships, bachelor and master projects to the university’s students,” said Buchwald-Werner. “The interaction between university and industry promotes quality of research, knowledge transfer and facilitates innovation.”

The facilities further add to the company’s activities in the education sector having already set up a number of industry partnerships with Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences, the TUM School of Life
 Sciences Weihenstephan, in Munich, and the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland.

Source: Planta Med

Doi: 10.1055/s-0035-1558219

“In Vitro Activation of eNOS by Mangifera indica (Careless™) and Determination of an Effective Dosage in a Randomized, Double-Blind, Human Pilot Study on Microcirculation.”

Authors: Alexandra Gerstgrasser, Sigrid Röchter, Dirk Dressler, Christiane Schön, Claudia Reule, Sybille Buchwald-Werner

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