Egg shell powder a ‘novel’ treatment against inflammatory bowel disease

By Gary Scattergood

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Egg shell powder showed positive effects against inflammatory bowel disease. © iStock
Egg shell powder showed positive effects against inflammatory bowel disease. © iStock

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Fine powder made from eggshell membrane showed positive effects against inflammatory bowel disease, according to in vitro and in vivo studies.

During the in vitro​ experiment, eggshell membrane (ESM) lessened inflammation and promoted colon cell proliferation, wrote researchers from the University of Tokyo.

In the in vivo​ experiment, ESM significantly suppressed the disease activity index (DAI) and colon shortening in colitis-induced mice.

“We found that ESM not only regulated cell proliferation and restitution but also ameliorated energy metabolism as well as intestinal microbiota dysbiosis. We attribute these effects to altered host defence and decreased susceptibility of the host to intestinal inflammation,” ​wrote the researchers in the journal Scientific Reports​.

ESM is a “resistant protein”​ with low digestibility, according to the researchers.

“ESM is a source of non-digestible protein which may have a physiological function similar to that of dietary fibre that help to stimulate intestinal fermentation and alter the intestinal bacterial composition, the important effective factor for inflammatory colitis,”​ they added.

The in vitro​ study consisted of tests oncultured human colon cells.

Findings revealed that after a 24-hour ESM treatment, “The interleukin (inflammation marker) concentration was significantly lower in ESM-treated cells."

Meanwhile in the in-vivo​ test, mice were subjected to induced colitis.

Significant improvement

The mice which didn’t receive ESM lost weight, suffered diarrhoea and showed significantly severe DAI values as well as shortened colon lengths.

The mice treated with ESM, on the other hand, showed “low susceptibility to these pathological conditions of IBD, resulting in a significant amelioration of DAI from day seven.”

“ESM supplementation revealed clear re-epithelialisation of ulcerated areas,”​ reported the researchers.

Thus, “Our present findings increase our comprehensive understanding of the interactions between the host and its resident microbiota and their respective roles in IBD.

“Notably, taking into consideration the minimal side effects of ESM as a by-product in the manufacturing of egg products, the use of this natural, low-priced waste product appears to be a promising candidate for the prevention and treatment of IBD,” ​they concluded.


Source: Scientific Reports

DOI: 10.1038/srep43993

“Eggshell membrane powder ameliorates intestinal inflammation by facilitating the restitution of epithelial injury and alleviating microbial dysbiosis”

Authors: Huijuan Jia, Manaka Hanate et al​.

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