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By Nathan Gray

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It's not easy to keep up with the fast pace of the news, but the weekly Nutra News Review is your best shot. Our editors run down their weekly news highlights - giving you the inside track on the top news and analysis from the last seven days.

Listen to Nathan Gray, Nikki Cutler, and Will Chu rundown their highlights of the week's news...

1. Future trends

Towards the end of last year, the NutraIngredients team hit the road to visit a wide variety of trade shows, exhibitions and conferences. We met up with a lot of leading industry experts – so we asked them for their thoughts on the top trends for this year and beyond.

The result is our Future Trends video series for 2019. It is split into two, with part one​ looking at topics including performance nutrition, clean label, sustainability and convenience. Part two​, on the other hand looks at topics like cognition, nootropics, veganism, gut health, fertility and menopause.

There is a lot of great content and some really interesting points made in the videos, so why not take some time out of your day to make a drink and sit and watch them.



2. Change in cannabidiol status

The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has reclassified cannabidiol (CBD) as a Novel Food in a change that may mean CBD and hemp-derived food supplements cannot legally be sold in Europe.

Whilst not an official ruling the submission to means authorities like the UK’s Food Standards Agency would now move to remove these products from commercial sale.

Now, there seems to be no cooling off period that allows the industry to apply for the Novel Food Approval while products remain available to the consumer.

A novel food application for CBD is now with EFSA for consideration with a final opinion expected in March this year.

The application would most likely scrutinise the use of CBD in food supplements for adults with a daily intake of up to 130 mg.

If the application is successful, the European Commission must draft an implementing act authorising the use of the product within seven months. Read more​.

3. Personalised advice has a role to play

Mariette Abrahams discusses the launch of her new personalised nutrition report, where she highlights is the application of personalised advice to compliment the nutritional aspect.

She believes actions like the reimbursement of registered dietitians and nutritionists is necessary for individuals to access evidence-based nutritional advice.

With rising rates of obesity and diabetes, both so-called lifestyle-related conditions, the idea of personalised advice could work if individuals are engaged and in the right frame of mind.

“Some individuals need face-to face consultations, other like real-time data, others like group support but these kinds of services and products needed to be equitable, affordable and relevant to the population served in order for it to work,”​ she added. 

Here she raises the idea of more public and private partnerships as a way to improve public health as a way of keeping costs down, pooling resources as well as promoting innovation. Read more​.

4. Protein powder marketing

Protein Powder will not reach its mass market potential as long as it is sold as a body transformation supplement, as opposed to simply selling it as a nutrient dense ingredient for all consumers.

This is the opinion of Anna Sward, the protein cookbook author and founder of the protein snack brand Protein Pow. She says the body transformation message actually puts off a large portion of potential consumers who can't relate to the images used in marketing materials. She says she hears a lot of people raising concerns about what protein powder will ‘do’ to their bodies and wondering whether they are ‘safe’ to consume.

She argues that education is needed to teach people that protein powder is just a nutrient-rich ingredient with health benefits for all people, rather than a muscle building health supplement. Read more​.

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