Study supports oak wood extract’s fatigue-fighting potential

By Adi Menayang

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Results of a study on a standardized oak extract suggests that the ingredient may improve fatigue and other symptoms related to infectious mononucleosis.

Researchers from Italy explored how Robuvit, an oak extract marketed by Horphag Research​, may improve symptoms of adults infected with infectious mononucleosis, also known as the ‘kissing disease,’ or in US collegiate colloquial speak, ‘mono.’

It is a highly contagious condition transmitted through saliva, causing fever, fatigue, body discomfort, sore throat, and swelling of the lymph nodes.

Results of this 50-person study revealed that participants who ingested 300 mg of Robuvit per day for four weeks were less likely to have swollen lymph nodes when measured using ultrasound. Only 37.5% (or nine out of 24) experienced swelling in the Robuvit group, compared to 61% (or 16 out of 26) in the control group.

Moreover, participants who ingested the Robuvit capsules were more likely to score higher on the Karnofsky Performance Scale Index, a standard questionnaire to measure fatigue.

Though supplements cannot be marketed to treat diseases (and Robuvit is registered and marketed as a dietary supplement ingredient as opposed to a drug), the researchers argued that Robuvit’s known antioxidant properties may help subjectively improve symptoms of mono and fight fatigue associated with it.

“Recent studies have indicated that Robuvit, a natural extract from the French oak wood, is effective in decreasing the level of fatigue in different conditions,”​ the researchers wrote in their report, published recently in the journal Minerva Pediatrica.

Study details

Fifty individuals, men and women, completed the study. Participants were free to choose which group they wanted to join (either the Robuvit group or the control group).

All participants went through a standard management protocol, which included a multivitamin complex, a balanced diet with fresh juices twice per day, and a minimal dose of oral supplementation of copper and zinc.

Participants in the Robuvit group also ingested three 100 mg capsules of Robuvit per day for four weeks. The control group only went through the standard management protocol without the Robuvit capsules.

Previous studies conducted on Robuvit supplementation and fatigue include one done on individuals with insomnia​ and another done on individuals with high work stress​, such as surgeons and business managers. Both studies also found a positive link between supplementation and fatigue reduction.

Source: Minerva Pediatrica
Published online ahead of print, doi: 10.23736/S0026-4946.18.05213-1
Mononucleosis-related fatigue: supplementary management with Robuvit®
Authors: Hu S, et al.

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