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Gut reaction: How do you build a brand around digestive health?

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Gut reaction: How do you build a brand around digestive health?

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Do all fermented foods contain probiotics? Do consumers understand what prebiotics are? Are shoppers looking for products that deliver a rapid and discernible effect (to tackle bloating/gas/constipation, or improve regularity) or are they focused on long-term benefits they may not be able to 'feel' straightaway when it comes to digestive health?

Digestive health used to revolve around roughage, but as understanding of the relationship between our guts and our overall health has grown, are consumers now exploring everything from prebiotic fibers and probiotics to a new wave of fermented foods… or simply avoiding foods that make them feel bloated or lethargic?

Explore how consumers are thinking about gut health and how manufacturers can tap into demand for foods that make our microbes happy at FoodNavigator-USA’s FREE-to-attend 60-minute webinar​ on June 19 featuring Activia US​, which helped introduce many Americans to probiotics; Goodbelly: ​a probiotic juice brand founded by two natural products industry veterans in 2006; and two new players: Uplift Food ​and Olipop ​– who are combining prebiotics and other gut-friendly ingredients in innovative new product formats.

Event:  Gut reaction: Digestive health in focus

Date​: Wednesday June 19, 2019

Time​: 9.30am PT/12.30pm ET

Duration​: 60 minutes

AGENDA​: In our debate, moderated by FoodNavigator-USA editor Elaine Watson, we’ll discuss:

  • How are consumers thinking about digestive health?​ Are they looking for particular ingredients (fibers, probiotics, prebiotics) or buzzwords/claims, or are they thinking about certain food categories (yogurt, fermented foods, dried fruits, dairy-free) if they think about this at all?
  • Are consumers looking for products that deliver a rapid or discernible​ effect (to tackle bloating, reduce gas, constipation, improve regularity) or for more long-term benefits?
  • What ingredients are most relevant for digestive health?​ Fibers, prebiotics, probiotics? Should brands focus on one well-documented ingredient or combine multiple ingredients that work in different ways?
  • How do you market and position a digestive health brand?
  • Who is the target consumer and how do you reach different consumer groups?
  • How do you talk about digestive health​ without getting into the weeds of bowel movements, or getting into legal hot water?
  • Do consumers understand what ‘prebiotic’ means?
  • Do consumers think all fermented foods contain probiotics?
  • How is consumer understanding of probiotics evolving?
digestive health 2019 panel

The first 40-45 minutes will be devoted to the panel discussion, and we’ll leave the remaining 15-20 minutes for audience questions to our expert panel:

  • Angela Grist,Marketing director​, Activia US​ (Danone North America) 
  • Ben Goodwin,Co-founder​, Olipop​ ​ 
  • Kara Landau,Founder​, Uplift Food
  • Mitchell Kruesi,Senior Brand Manager​, Goodbelly 

Register HERE​ for this FREE event, which is sponsored by Cargill, Ibsium, ProDigest and Atlantia Food Clinical Trials.

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