NutraIngredients Awards 2020

WATCH NOW: NutraIngredients reveals 2020 award winners

By Nikki Hancocks

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NutraIngredients Awards 2020 winners revealed

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The NutraIngredients Awards Ceremony took place online this year for the first time with the winners announced via live-stream video on May 13th.

Rewarding true innovation, long-term market success and cutting-edge research in healthy foods, supplements and functional nutrition, the virtual 2020 NutraIngredients Awards​ were an industry-wide celebration of success.

The awards, which have traditionally been hosted as a gala dinner in association with Vitafoods Europe, saw a strong shortlist of 34 finalists in 10 categories – plus our special NutraChampion award given out.

The recording of the live-stream online awards ceremony can be viewed here:

The shortlisted finalists and the winners for the awards are as follows: 

Ingredient of the Year - Healthy Ageing

  • Cognivia, Nexira
  • Flowens, Naturex
  • NIAGEN, ChromaDex

WINNER: Flowens, ​Naturex

The judges agreed Naturex provided impressive scientific research to back this safe and natural alternative to pharmaceutical remedies which has the potential to help a huge number of consumers across Europe who suffer with bladder issues.

Ingredient of the Year – Infant Nutrition

  • Lacprodan MFGM-10, Arla Foods Ingredients
  • Omegavie DHA 700 algae Sensory Qualitysilver5, Polaris

WINNER: Lacprodan MFGM-10​, Arla Foods Ingredients

Judges agreed Arla is helping bring infant formulas ever closer to the gold standard of infant nutrition with this ingredient which is backed by truly high-quality scientific evidence.

Ingredient of the Year – Sports Nutrition

  • HydroCurc, Pharmako
  • Levagen+, Gencor
  • TENDOFORTE, Gelita
  • VitaFiber IMO,  BioNeutra Global


Judges appreciated that this product has a strong sports nutrition focus and provides a truly unique innovation for the market with benefits for collagen, ligaments and tendons to improve performance amongst the everyday active consumers and elite athletes.

 Ingredient of the Year – Weight Management

  • Bifidobacterium lactis BPL1, ADM Biopolis
  • CSAT+, Pharmactive
  • Liposan Ultra, Primex
  • METABOLAID, Monteloeder

WINNER: Bifidobacterium lactis BPL1​, ADM Biopolis

Judges were impressed with the science behind this ingredient’s efficacy, with an identified molecule responsible for the effect and a clear understanding of the mechanism of action, which is particularly difficult when working with probiotic ingredients.

Nutrition Research Project

  • Benefits of AquaCelle - enhanced absorption technology, Pharmako
  • Game Changer: Plant Proteins for Athletes, Increnovo
  • The effect of LactoLycopene on sperm quality in healthy men, Cambridge Nutraceuticals
  • The metabolic impact of the Lab4P probiotic consortium, Cultech

WINNER: Game Changer: Plant Proteins for Athletes​, Increnovo

The judges thought this world-first wide-reaching study involved excellent teamwork for a sustainable product that is highly demanded now and in the future.

Personalised Nutrition Initiative

  • Plant-Based Personalised Nutrition & Fitness Report,  Nutrigenomix 
  • Vitmedics online nutritional assessment, Total Health and Wellbeing

WINNER: Plant-Based Personalised Nutrition & Fitness Report,​ Nutrigenomix

Tapping into the consumer trend for plant-based diets this science-backed service helps create lasting behaviour change thanks to its highly tailored advice provided by healthcare experts which really impressed the judges.

Probiotic Product of the Year

  • Bio-Kult Migréa, ADM Protexin
  • Floradapt BRAIN, AB-Biotics Kaneka
  • Neuraxbiotic, Bened Biomedical

WINNER: Bio-Kult Migréa​, ADM Protexin

Judges thought this was a truly innovative market ready probiotic-based natural solution designed to target migraine - a health condition usually treated with pharmaceuticals. They also felt it stood out for its solid science and careful design to facilitate daily administration.

Botanical Product of the Year

  • CANNABIX CBD, Uriach
  • Sqintea - Antipollution Skin Radiance, opTEAme

WINNER: Aquilea Sueño Compact​, Uriach

Judges said this product provides a much-needed natural, safe and effective solution for the many people that suffer with sleep difficulties and the company’s success to date is testament to the efficacy of the product.

Editors Award for Functional Food Innovation

  • Bacillus subtilis PXN 21, ADM Protexin
  • CholBiomeX3, Probiotix Health
  • Levagen+, Gencor

WINNER: Bacillus subtilis PXN 21,​ ADM Protexin

Judges believe this looks to be the beginning of a truly exciting development,  going straight to the cause of Parkinson’s Disease and using the newest science to fight it at its root, rather than simply treating the symptoms.

Start-up Award

  • GOZEN 
  • NORDIQ Nutrition
  • Nucaps Nanotechnology


Judges agreed this is a very young and on-trend company with a passionate team driving it forward. It taps into the huge consumer interest in organic, plant-based, ‘clean’ and authentic ingredients with holistic wellness benefits.

NutraChampion award ​ – ​in association with Vitafoods Europe 2020

This award celebrates long-term and high-level personal achievements that have driven change within the science and business of our industry. Unlike our other awards, this award can only be entered by nomination and there is no shortlist for this honour. 

Our NutraChampion 2020 is Dr Bengt Jeppsson. 

The researcher, medical doctor, founder of Probi and author of more than 300 scientific research papers, became a Medical Doctor in 1973 and initiated his research on probiotics in the early 80s, at Skåne University Hospital, Sweden, in an aim to reduce the number of ICU patients suffering from sepsis and major organ failure during recovery.

His collaborative research discovered one of today’s most researched probiotic bacteria, LP299V which was able to significantly increase survival in the ICU, decrease sepsis and major organ failure and speed up recovery time.

Since then the strain, which has been sold by Probi AB since the beginning of the 90’s, has been proven to decrease symptoms and severity of gastrointestinal issues and is today one of the leading probiotic brands to provide aid for IBS symptoms, sold in more than 40 markets around the world. He truly is one of the pioneers of the probiotics world as we see it today.

What’s more, he has supervised 25 PhD-students and been a highly appreciated member of various Societies, Boards and Associations and has received several research grants and scientific awards.

In nominating him for the NutraChamp award, his colleagues said: “Dr Jeppsson is a kind, generous and lovable person, always happy to participate in meetings and events. By nominating him they hope to show him, how proud and grateful they are to be working with such a great surgeon, doctor, scientist and man.”

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