Carbiotix expands gut health testing service globally

By Nikki Hancocks

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Carbiotix's API (application programming interface) has revealed partnerships with three startups who will use its LinkGut white label gut health testing service.

The startups include one in Europe is focused on microbiome health, bioinformatics, and prebiotics, and two companies in North America targeting GI-related medical advice and infant gut health. 

LinkGut​ is a white label testing service for gut health offered to food & beverage, supplement, pharmaceutical, and health & wellness companies.

The service is offered as a no-cost, dedicated, and customised website extension allowing a company to offer their own consumer gut health test, or as an API solution that is completely integrated into the backend of another APP or web service. In both cases, the service is based on Carbiotix’s OneGut platform.

Kristofer Cook, CEO for Carbiotix has previously stated that Carbiotix will announce new LinkGut partners every quarter.

“It is my ambition to aggressively grow our LinkGut partner network going forward, especially API partners. I am extremely pleased to have signed these three agreements as it demonstrates the appeal of our service offering and has accelerated the development of our API solution which we should have in place by the end of Q1 2021.

"This means that from Q2 onwards we will be able to quickly roll out an API solution to all companies planning to offer a consumer microbiome analysis service, or interested to bring down the cost and/or outsource an existing service.

"Although LinkGut partners such as food & beverage companies who utilise our website extension solution are potential customers of our second-generation soluble fiber ingredient AXOS, they will not be the primary drivers of diagnostic service sales. This is because our gut health test is offered as an 'extra service' to their customers to embrace transparency and validate the effects of a gut health-related product over time.

"On the other hand, API partners will utilise the Carbiotix OneGut platform as their primary analytical service to deliver a gut health-related service. Thus, as these companies grow their customer base and geographic presence, so will the number of gut health tests we sell.

"With this development, Carbiotix has once again disrupted the consumer microbiome service industry. There is now no logical reason why an existing or new company interested in collecting consumer-related microbiome data would build their platform and not utilise the Carbiotix OneGut solution.

"We are the only company in the world to offer a triplicate test for both NGS and PCR analysis, and thus are more reliable, our cost is the same as the lowest competitive price on the market including courier shipping to and from customers in over 200 countries and thus support global roll-out, and we intend to continuously lower our prices over time as our modulator sales grow with the purpose of maintaining our competitive advantage.

"For us, our OneGut service is a means to build relationships with AXOS customers as well as their customers (ie. consumers), in addition to potential partners and advocates of all the modulators we will offer, including ingredients, medical foods, and therapeutic interventions.”   

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