Monteloeder’s metabolism-stimulating innovation claims award

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With a strong backing of nine published studies highlighting the efficacy of Monteloeder’s entry for the NutraIngredients awards 'weight management ingredient of the year' category, the team reflects on the importance of the win for exposure and future innovation.

Following a long-established 25-year prevalence within the nutraceutical industry, the company achieved the win for their hibiscus and lemon verbena containing ingredient, ‘Metabolaid’, which is already being utilised within 30 different products globally.

The published studies so far have observed that the anthocyanins contained within the included compounds are able to successfully activate AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK); a sensor of whole body energy status. Thus, there have been reported benefits to improving weight loss, reducing blood pressure and lowering cholesterol levels.

Johnathon Jones, chief scientific officer at Monteloeder, describes how the product is the result of seven years of research, highlighting that the award will enable for increased recognition within Europe.

Maria Gutierrez, head of market development, comments on the achievement: “Receiving such an award from one of the most reputable organisations in the nutraceutical industry is truly an honour. It is a recognition of excellence and achievement and encourages us to keep up the good work.”

She adds: “An award always brings credibility and opens doors to new opportunities. It can impress and increase our network and boost sales. Also, it´s a great morale boost, improving employee engagement and loyalty.

“We are currently notifying all our current and potential clients about this award, who have shown renewed interest in our product portfolio. There are definitely numerous benefits to being a winner in the Nutraingredient Awards. For this reason, we would like to give an enormous thank you to Nutraingredients, the organizers and judges, as well as congratulate the other winners and finalists.”

The science

Jones explains the science behind the ingredient’s actions: “AMPK acts as a metabolic switch in the cells of our body, telling your body to use energy to burn off stored fat and promote muscle building. As part of this research, we were working with over 300 different plants and different blends to find the one that would increase AMPK more exponentially in these cells.”

He adds that metabolaid was observed to regulate appetite throughout the day, resulting in less cravings as well as reduced meal portion sizes. He attributes this to a reported effect on several hormones known to influence appetite, such as GLP; a gut hormone responsible for communicating feelings of fullness to the brain.

Describing the company’s latest study, Jones explains: “In an in vivo model of a human digestive system, we observed that metabolaid can also act on the gut microbiome, helping to promote healthy bacteria in your gut. At the same time, there are certain bacteria that scientific evidence has associated with weight management and appetite control. And we also saw that there was an increased population of these.”

A growing demographic

The product has a global reach, spreading across Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

Mariana Ortega, product manager adds: “It is used within more than 30 products in the market, so it’s performing really well.”

She emphasised its adaptability for use within different format types, such as within a milkshake product by Arkopharma, as well as within powdered sachets and gels. Following recent tests for its use within gummies, she adds that there is a strong potential for this additional format.

With regards to the key consumer demographic, Jones explains the wide appeal of the product, which he says results from the aftermath of the Covid pandemic. He suggests that following the largely sedentary lifestyles of this period, many are aiming to lose their “Covid kilos”.

“Before, the demographic was more middle-aged, 35 and over, but now it’s more global as people are looking for more holistic solutions – considering that Metabolaid is not just targeting weight management, but also giving additional benefits,” he specifies.

He also notes there's an opportunity with the younger demographic who are looking for convenient on-the-go preventative health options: “Younger generations are now more worried about their overall health and so they’re looking for these natural solutions, especially plant-based solutions.”

For the future

Jones regards the strong trends for personalisation, which he emphasises will become even more prevalent in the future. Considering this, he describes how the company is now looking at specific target populations that may benefit from the product’s effects, including innovating format types to optimise functionality according to varying rates of metabolism by age group.

Ortega adds: “We are going to launch two new branded ingredients by the end of the year. We hope to have one more focus on pain and the other one will be a nootropic."

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