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Microbiome modulation is a top trend in new nutraceutical concepts prepped to take to the tradeshow floor.

Industry professionals from across the nutra-universe are gearing up to descend on Vitafoods Europe from May 14 to 16, with a range of exhibitors set to spotlight their innovations in microbiome modulation.

Women's health and sports nutrition

Catering to an in-demand and under-researched therapeutic area in women’s health, AB-Biotics, a Kaneka company, will highlight the latest research supports its Gyntima Menopause solution for managing menopause symptoms.

Containing a blend of L. plantarum​ KABP 051, L. brevis​ KABP 052 and P. acidilactici ​KABP 021 probiotic strains, the blend is designed to provide women with a safe and effective solution for managing all stages of menopause by modulating estrogen levels in the gut.

Other science-backed products in the Gyntima women’s health portfolio include Gyntima Cyscare, for protecting the urinary tract from infections; Gyntima Balance, for the restoration of vaginal microbiota; and Gyntima Re-Balance, a medical device targeting vaginal infections such as candidiasis and bacterial vaginosis.

Alongside its solutions for women’s health, the team will showcase the preliminary results of the latest clinical trial on its i3.1 product—containing strains L. plantarum​ KABPT​ 022, L. plantarum​ KABPT​ 023 and P. acidilactici ​KABPT​ 021—which shows potential to support elite athletes affected by digestive issues during high-intensity sport, as well as aid in the recovery of gastrointestinal functional post-exercise..

Omega-3 powders and gut-muscle solutions

FrieslandCampina Ingredients will present its new microencapsulated, algae-based Biotis DHA Flex Powders.

“As well as delivering a consistently high DHA load, we have encapsulated the plant-based algal oil in a powder matrix to deliver superior sensory properties compared to traditional omega-3 ingredients," said Sophie Zillinger Molenaar, global marketing lead for Biotis. "It also includes a high dose of vitamin C for an extra immune health claim. This new ingredient range will help us offer nutrition brands even more flexibility when it comes to formulating applications with multiple, on-trend health benefits—helping brands meet a wider range of consumer needs and preferences.”

To help brands create solutions that meet the needs of athletic but gut-conscious consumers, the firm will also showcase Biotis Fermentis​, a first-of-its-kind solution combining protein, prebiotics and probiotic cultures via fermentation to effectively target the gut-muscle axis. 

Glycemia modulation

Nexira will focus on the hot topic of metabolic health with the launch of a new product for glycemia modulation, supported by new research.

The French firm will introduce a new organic and carbon neutral prebiotic product inavea, an organic and carbon neutral ingredient combining acacia fiber and cinnamon extract standardized to 25% polyphenols.

The ingredient is said to modulate the gut microbiome to significantly increase SCFA production, including propionate, and grow the population of healthy bacteria including Parabacteroides distasonis, ​both of which are recognized healthy markers of metabolic health.

Biotic vitamins

dsm-firmenich is set to highlight a new breakthrough product for the gut health market named Humiome B2.

Created using patented Microbiome Targeted Technology (MTT), Humiome B2 came to market to "transform vitamin B2 delivery" in the colon to "directly nourish a healthy gut environment". 

Also on show: the company's clinically documented, IP-protected Humiome Pro- and Postbiotics solutions for next generation biotic innovation and its sustainable ingredients portfolio featuring ampli-D (calcifediol for immunity, mobility and healthy aging) and potent algae-derived life’s OMEGA.

Precision prebiotics

NutriLeads BV will introduce additional product formats for its clinically proven precision prebiotic fiber Benicaros​, highlighting how the upcycled, plant-based precision prebiotic fiber can support immune and gut health.

The Benicaros product range offers varying concentrations of the active ingredient (Rhamnogalacturonan-I or RG-I) in liquid and powder variants to cater to various application demands. 

NutriLeads will also be on hand to discuss research​ showing that daily servings as low as 300 mg of Benicaros can consistently promote both the growth of beneficial gut bacteria, such as Bifidobacterium spp.,​ and the production of essential short-chain fatty acids.

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