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Vitafoods Europe 2023
Vitafoods Europe 2023

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With the nutraceuticals industry preparing to descend on Vitafoods Europe, we pull together a few of the concepts set to take to the show floor in Geneva (May 14 to 16).

Collagen and gelatin concepts

Rousselot, Darling Ingredients’​ premier collagen and gelatin brand, will showcase its science-backed portfolio of collagen and gelatin solutions. 

The company will highlight three new clinical studies backing its Peptan collagen peptide ingredient to improve sleep quality​, reduce gastrointestinal discomfort​ and enhance skin density, hydration and elasticity (unpublished).

Visitors to the booth will also be able to learn about Peptinex, a source of collagen for supplements and functional foods; Protake, for collagen and protein enrichment in food and beverage products; and Colartix, a hydrolyzed cartilage matrix said to support decreased joint discomfort at a low dosage.

Versatile botanicals

Givaudan will showcase its range of botanicals extracts within consumer experience-focused concepts such as instant drinks and gummies for immune support, urinary tract health, cognition, relaxation, energy and gut health.

The firm will spotlight an early morning instant drink concept, providing guarana extract in place of caffeine. For a midday brain boost, it will propose a refreshing peppermint-flavored gummy featuring Cereboost American ginseng for attention and memory. And its relaxing evening concept will come in the form of a valerian gummy with a black tea peach flavour.

“The nutra-market is in the midst of a revolution, with a growing number of consumers seeking great-tasting food supplements supported by scientific research," said Amandine de Santi, ingredients portfolio director, taste & wellbeing Europe at Givaudan. "Achieving a balance between efficacy and palatability is crucial. By sharing our expertise in both taste and botanicals with our customers, we are able to co-create appealing consumer experiences that offer powerful benefits and that satisfy the desire for great taste backed by sound science."

Stress and mood support

Tapping into a key consumer demand for mental and emotional wellbeing, Nektium will unveil its new Vanizem botanical extract for stress and mood support 

A small daily dose of the sustainably sourced Aframomum melegueta​ spice extract is said to reduce anxiety and elevate mood within days by modulating receptors and enzymes within the endocannabinoid system, offering a distinct mechanism for stress management. 

In addition, Nektium will be demonstrating how its existing botanical portfolio can be used across supplements, food and drink. The branded ingredients on show will include the "stress-busting" Rhodiola rosea​ extract Rhodiolife and the Mangifera indica​ extract Zynamite, which is formulated to deliver mental and physical energy and focus. 

Vegan omega-3

Fish oil supplier GC Rieber VivoMega​ will spotlight the European launch of its vegan microalgae EPA + DHA omega-3 concentrate, VivoMega EPA+DHA Algae 2050 TGP.

VivoMega’s algae concentrate is 90% triglycerides (TG), which offers increased bioavailability for improved absorption in the body. It also comprises 73% long-chained omega-3 fatty acids and is vegan certified.

The company's SuperLight proprietary processing technology is designed and developed exclusively for algae oils. Through a circular reflux system, the oil has very low exposure to heat, is protected from oxidation and includes every relevant fatty acid. This gentle and non-invasive processing allows for superior oxidation protection and optimal resource utilization with little to zero waste. 

Ready-launch formulas and trendy capsule tech

Lonza Capsules & Health Ingredients will showcase its ready-to-go, vegetarian dosage form technologies such as Capsugel Vcaps Plus HPMC capsules​, which make it possible to gain organic certification in Europe.

It will display capsule technologies for trending probiotic applications, including its Capsugel ​DRcaps designed release capsules that protect acid-sensitive ingredients as they pass through the stomach, and DUOCAP capsule-in-capsule technology for probiotic protection and delivery.

For brands looking to make bright-white supplements without compromising safety, the firm will display its range of TiO2​-free alternative dosage forms, including its Capsugel Lumishield titanium dioxide-free white hard gelatin capsules and Capsugel Vcaps Plus White Opal capsules, alongside new colored options.

The team will also demonstrate its Capsugel Ultra III cGMP-compliant capsule-filling machine, which enables cost-effective quality and performance with top processing speeds of up to 33,000 capsules per hour.

Menopause research

Kaneka Nutrients will highlight new delivery formats for Kaneka Ubiquinol, such as gummies, easy-to-swallow capsules and snack bars, targeting a wide range of health areas from fertility and sports nutrition to cognitive and mental health, cardiovascular health, beauty-from-within and healthy aging.

The firm will also reveal the results of its latest consumer research exploring the effects of Kaneka Ubiquinol on 200 menopausal women. The research analyzed the effects of Ubiquinol supplementation, as experienced by post-menopausal women. A sample of 200 women were asked to take a 200 mg/day dosage of Kaneka Ubiquinol over a two-month period, monitor the effects and report their observations. Results will be revealed at Vitafoods. 

Increasing omega-3 production

Omega-3 extraction tech firm and supplier Solutex will attend the show to highlight its newly acquired capacity to process crude oil alongside its core portfolio of premium-quality EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) + DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) concentrates.

Following a four-year expansion project at its FDA CGMP-certified facility in Mallén, Spain, the company is now able to process 20,000 metric tons of crude fish oil per year. 

This current round of major investment establishes Solutex as the premier provider of versatile, pharmaceutical-grade omega-3s from a wide range of raw materials (including fish and algae), at a time of increasing demand.

The company will demonstrate its dual capacity for increased production volumes and greater flexibility to support the growth of the consumer health, supplements and pharmaceutical markets. 

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