Kerry spotlights postbiotic immune training gummies and gut-skin solutions

By Nikki Hancocks

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Kerry Group showcased a variety of concepts at Vitafoods promising great taste alongside science-backed ingredients to support a range of trending health areas including immune support, cognitive health and women’s health.

The firm displayed its Stressless Immune summer fruit gummy which included the firm’s Wellmune Adapt, a proprietary baker’s yeast beta glucan postbiotic for immune system support, paired with vitamin C and Sensoril ashwagandha, to tap into the fact the immune system is heavily influenced by stress.

“This is based on the concept that putting an immune ingredient and stress ingredient together in one gummy will produce better efficacy,” explained Elizabeth Horvath, vice president of marketing at Kerry, adding that the firm works hard to mask off notes in active ingredients.

“If you were to just have an ashwagandha gummy by itself, you’d probably spit it out, so we have masking technology that we think is far superior to the rest of the industry in terms of masking the ashwagandha flavor.”

The firm further showcased a Berry Immune Wellmune blend in a ready-to-consume stick pack powder providing a ‘pop rocks’ type experience for the consumer.

The mechanism of action behind the Wellmune ingredient was recently studied with published results in iScience​ indicating the ingredient acts as a trainer of the innate immune system.

The research, conducted by a team including researchers from Kerry, Trinity College Dublin and APC Microbiome Ireland, University College Cork Ireland concluded that Wellmune works on the inflammatory and antimicrobial behavior of monocytes and macrophages—cells that are a critical part of the innate immune system.

Essentially, when Wellmune is taken orally, it trains immune cells, creating an environment in which they efficiently respond to unpredictable health threats.  

Women’s health

With women’s health front of mind, the supplier spotlighted a portfolio of concepts for this audience.

Horvath noted its Caronositol Fertility ingredient, a patented ingredient made from a natural combination of myo-inositol from the phytin of corn and d-chiroinositol from carob fruit, scientifically backed to support fertility and the hormonal and metabolic balance in a woman's reproductive cycle.

The concept on show was a raspberry drink format, but she said it can be delivered as a gummy, tablet or capsule.

She discussed the aerated Glow gummy—a consumer favorite format—featuring the firm’s newly launched Plenibiotic Lactobacillus casei subsp. casei 327​ postbiotic derived from rice to provide digestive and skin health benefits.

“So that’s why we’re calling it Glow from the inside out, meaning if you manage your microbiome, your skin also benefits,” she said.


Source: iScience
doi: 10.1016/j.isci.2024.109030
“Recognition of yeast β-glucan particles triggers immunometabolic signaling required for trained immunity”
Authors: Horneck Johnston et al.

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