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NutraIngredients Awards 2024 Winners announced!

NutraIngredients Awards 2024 Winners announced!

By Nikki Hancocks

NutraIngredients celebrated one decade of annual industry awards last night (May 15) with the winners of this year's competition announced at a VIP Party in Geneva.

How do consumers understand 'gut health'? Image Source: Getty Images/RealPeopleGroup

How do consumers perceive ‘gut health’ products?

By Augustus Bambridge-Sutton

Products targeting ‘gut health’ have a range of benefits, yet these are not always clear in marketing. How do consumers understand gut health, and is this understanding congruent with reality?

NutraCast: Supplementation for hearing health? You heard right.

NutraCast: A supplement for hearing health? You heard right.

By Danielle Masterson

According to a consumer survey by CRN and IPSOS, 74% of U.S. adults take supplements. And while the most common one is the multivitamin, a lot of users are zeroing in on specific organs like the brain, eyes or even skin. But what about ears? Soundbites...

Kelp seaweed: Is this the next 'superfood' trend? GettyImages/Tammy616

Kelp seaweed: Is this the next 'superfood' trend?

By Donna Eastlake

From the antioxidant effects of blueberries to the cholesterol lowering effects of chia seeds, consumers love so-called superfoods. So could kelp seaweed join the superfood family as a favourite of the wellness world?

© ira evva / Getty Images

CBD for athletes: Promising benefits come with doping risk

By Nikki Hancocks

CBD is being linked with a growing number of compelling health benefits for athletes, and while the emerging science is promising, it comes with a high risk of unintentional doping, nutrition researcher Professor Graeme Close warned in a recent webinar.

© koto_feja / Getty images

Scientists discover how choline enters the brain

By Danielle Masterson

The human body needs the essential nutrient for cell membrane synthesis, epigenetic modification, neurotransmission and more. However, how it enters the brain has been a mystery—until now.

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