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Clinical Trials 2019

Clinical Trials 2019

Building reliable scientific evidence that links nutrition and health outcomes is at the centre of our industry – and clinical trial data plays a pivotal role in establishing causality and determining relationships between supplementation and specific outcomes.

Be it for product safety, public health or the substantiation of a health claim, clinical data is the heartbeat of nutrition science.

However, there are many challenges and considerations, including the search for better biomarkers of health, defining appropriate control groups, effective blinding of participants and investigators, participant recruitment, and issues relating to measuring baseline nutritional status.

Times and technologies are changing – and so are clinical trials. The advent of wearable technology and the ever-digitalised world we live in, coupled new biomarkers and –omics technologies mean the sources of data for clinical research are wider than ever.

The potential for innovation and new ways of working in the clinical research process are growing at a rapid rate.

Join us as we explore the challenges and opportunities for a new era of clinical trials.

Future Perspectives: What does the mHealth and wearable ‘revolution’ mean for trial design and management?

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Human challenge models for infection resistance as valuable tools to substantiate the beneficial health effects of food ingredients

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Making a Claim: Regulatory Considerations

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Exploring Human Food Clinical Trials

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