Clinical Research

Clinical Research

At no time has the contribution of nutrition and its support of immunity been more relevant to today’s consumer, the industry and its future direction. 

From the possible impact of botanical-based ingredients to the role the gut microbiome may play in the immunological response, assessing their influence is largely dependent on the clinical research carried out in order to unravel potential targets or mechanistic insights.

In this webinar, we’ll take a look at the challenges faced in conducting clinical trials of this kind, maintaining quality, standards and effectively interpreting findings, particularly in the face of commercial and regulatory expectations.

We’ll also aim to discuss the immune monitoring tools scientists have at their disposal, their future applications and how they’re contributing to the advancement of immunological-based research and the role nutrition plays.


Steven Morrison Steven Morrison Regulatory Consultant
Atlantia Food Clinical Trials

Emeir  McSorley, PhD Emeir McSorley, PhD Senior Lecturer in Human Nutrition
Ulster University

Caroline Elizabeth  Childs, PhD Caroline Elizabeth Childs, PhD Lecturer in Nutritional Sciences
University of Southampton

Udo Herz Udo Herz Medical and Science Director
Danone Nutricia

Ashton  Harper, MD Ashton Harper, MD Medical Director
ADM Nutrition Health and Wellness

Will Chu Will Chu Science and Technology Editor