Meet active lifestyle challenges: put pea protein to work!

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Meet active lifestyle challenges: put pea protein to work!

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Today sports nutrition is going mainstream – with personalised nutrition for an active lifestyle. The trend is now driving tailored products – and green, vegan, natural and non-GMO claims, linked to the ever-popular protein. Plant protein is full of promise – but how do you select the best? This webinar explains how pea proteins are key to personalised sports nutrition development.

Innova Market Insights experts analyse the latest developments for you in sports practice and related new product launches around the world. Roquette’s experts explain the scientific links with the physiological and nutritional needs of active people, and introduce a new grade of pea protein especially designed for ready-to-drink sports products. All great news if you want to unlock innovation!


Anne-Sophie Vercruysse Anne-Sophie Vercruysse Market Manager Europe - Specialized Nutrition

Laetitia Guerin-Deremaux Laetitia Guerin-Deremaux Nutrition & Health Senior Research Manager

Lu Ann Williams Lu Ann Williams Director of Innovation
Innova Market Insights

Sophie Grard Sophie Grard Team Leader in Specialized Nutrition & beverages