Menopause beauty & wellbeing

Menopause beauty & wellbeing

Beauty and wellbeing ‘for all’ has gained serious ground in recent years, as consumers look for products that target end needs rather than their gender, age or skin type. But as female health and wellbeing also settles into the spotlight, menopause beauty has become an increasingly important topic for industry and consumers alike. Long hidden in the shadows of taboo, scientific understanding and consumer awareness of the impact menopause can have has created new and bold demands from female consumers looking to manage this period of their lives better. Brands and retailers have taken note. But as menopause-targeted topicals and ingestibles start to show up more on-shelf, are there any specific areas of opportunity or needs that ought to be focused on? Is there more to be learned on the science side of things? What sort of marketing and product positioning needs to be done?
This co-branded NutraIngredients and CosmeticsDesign-Europe editorial webinar will unpick the key areas industry needs to be looking closely at, from ingredients science and formulation through to on-pack claims and marketing. We will hear from a range of inspiring experts and thought-leaders in the field of beauty and wellbeing to consider the opportunities in targeting menopause needs inside-out for consumers and discuss how big this sector may become in the future.


Millie Kendall Millie Kendall, O.B.E CEO
British Beauty Council

Kate Bermingham Kate Bermingham Postdoctoral Researcher / Nutrition Academic Lead
Kings College London / ZOE Ltd

Sarah Jones Sarah Jones Co-founder and Director
Free The Birds

Kacey CULLINEY Kacey Culliney Editor