Mind Modulation: supplements for sleep and stress

Mind Modulation: supplements for sleep and stress

As consumers take more interest in mental wellbeing, many are looking to reduce stress and improve sleep as these are considered key pillars for holistic health. This webinar will look to discuss the many different ways that the nutraceuticals industry is working to cater to this demand. Some areas of focus will include the Ayurvedic herbal remedies which have seen a resurgence in interest, as well as the sometimes-controversial topic of CBD, and the growing body of scientific evidence for supplements which support the mind via the gut-brain axis. Experts from across the industry will discuss which ingredients are supported by quality science, opportunities for innovation, how to communicate the health benefits of these products, and what the future may hold.


Marc Burbidge Marc Burbidge CEO
B3 Labs

Scott Dicker Scott Dicker Market Insights Director

Susan Hewlings Susan Hewlings Vice President of Research Affairs
Radicle Science

Jonathan  Scheiman Jonathan Scheiman Co-Founder & CEO

Miguel Toribio-Mateas Miguel Toribio-Mateas, MRSB, MSc, BSc Honorary Research Fellow
School of Psychology, Cardiff University

Nikki Hancocks Nikki Hancocks Innovation and Trends Editor