Personalized nutrition: the rise of the biohacker

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Personalized nutrition: the rise of the biohacker

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Once reserved for elite athletes and health pioneers, ‘biohacking’ has now opened to the masses, thanks to the proliferation of health tech delivering a full suite of continuous physiology checks. In this webinar, we bring together thought leaders in the personalized nutrition category to discuss the latest developments, ethical considerations, and future expectations for this market. Tackling trending topics such as glucose control, sleep quality, mental acuity, gut health and hormonal support, we will hear what exciting innovations are unfolding and where the biggest opportunities lie.


Mariëtte Abrahams Mariëtte Abrahams CEO and Founder

James Brown James Brown Director of Nutrigenetics and Founder

 Sabina Bruehlmann Sabina Bruehlmann CEO
Nimble Science

Grégory Dubourg Grégory Dubourg CEO

Nikki Hancocks Nikki Hancocks Innovation and Trends Editor