Sports Nutrition 2.0, A state of the Nation

Sports Nutrition 2.0, A state of the Nation

Sports Nutrition 2.0. The market just gets bigger, and simultaneously more diverse. The market offers more opportunity, yet simultaneously more risk. As sports nutrition continues to evolve and change – principally moving beyond the core consumer to a much broader active market - we look to understand the key market trends as they’ve developed throughout 2021 and how they may impact the market in the future.

In session one we discuss how the market performing, where is it growing, and where is it declining? Looking at the available market data we look to detail how sports nutrition is changing and what opportunities this offers in the future. This will include key areas for discussion including what is sports nutrition in 2021.


Mariette Abrahams Mariette Abrahams CEO & Founder

Robert Walker Robert Walker Head of Business Development and Growth

Nick  Morgan Nick Morgan Director
Sports Integrated

Nikki Hancocks Nikki Hancocks Co-Editor