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5 Resources to Grow a Healthy Omega-3 Business

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5 Resources to Grow a Healthy Omega-3 Business

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The omega 3 product space is bursting with new research, informing R & D.  Here are five sales-boosting resources you can use to accelerate sales and position your brand through distilling knowledge of omega-3 to physicians and to customers.



Curiosity leads to enlightenment – and consumers are eager to learn. “Fish oils” and “omega 3s” are common terms that signify “good for me.” Beyond that, though, consumers want to know: what are the benefits of consuming EPA and DHA? What does the current scientific evidence suggest? How much EPA and DHA should I and my family be getting each day?

The website​ has been created to teach consumers about how omega-3 PUFAs contribute to a wide range of health areas – vision/eye, heart/cardiovascular, brain/central nervous system, and pre-natal/gestational health.

It also features an engaging interactive quiz that gives consumers a means to determine whether they’re getting enough omega-3s in their diet. The site also provides a portal for consumers to receive special offers as well as updates about omega-3 research and initiatives.




More practitioners - both natural and allopathic - should recommend patients take EPA and DHA to support overall health as well as key areas of health (heart, brain, eyes, and neo-natal). If you market your brand to physicians or other healthcare providers,​ -- a companion site to – is a resource expressly for educating healthcare professionals. The site explains the benefits of adequate EPA and DHA consumption with scientific detail, including comprehensive reference links that are updated as new studies are published.



3.  Educational infographics

Visual storytelling – infographics – is immediately engaging and compelling. According to infographic expert Justin Beegel, founder of Infographic World, 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual and visuals such as infographics and videos can bolster learning and retention by 400%.

Therefore, both Always Omega-3s​ and Fats of Life​  include a variety of infographics and videos optimised for social media that educate more explicitly about the benefits of omega-3s.

For example: are you marketing a product to mothers and their babies? There are infographics that distill key findings from independent research institutes about the developmental importance​​ of DHA, and how EPA and DHA reduce the risk of preterm birth​​. Or, do you focus on heart health in your marketing? Share information from the Mayo Clinic Proceedings​ and the VITAL trial​​ demonstrating the connection between omega-3 consumption and improved heart health outcomes.



4. GOED’s Proud Member consumer label logo program

A quality seal of approval is often the distinguishing factor for purchase between products. Does your omega 3 product convey quality and safety to your customers?

By participating in GOED’s Proud Member label program you can increase your customers’ confidence that your omega-3 product is manufactured to a high standard. The Proud Member logo informs omega-3 consumers that your company adheres to GOED’s quality and ethical guidelines and is committed to good corporate citizenship in the omega-3 space.

Shoppers who research the logo and visit​​ will learn about the GOED Voluntary Monograph for oil quality and the GOED Ethics Guidelines that inform your business practices. This creates a favourable viewpoint of your product and your company.



5.  Data on Consumer Behaviours and Attitudes

Markets change as do consumer preferences and purchase behaviours. Market research is a significant tool to anticipate such changes and adapt accordingly.

GOED has conducted consumer research in more than 20 key markets worldwide. GOED’s surveys have focused on general health and wellness concerns, sources of information about health and wellness advice, reasons for starting (or stopping) omega-3 consumption, and more. Whether you want to confirm your knowledge about existing consumers or explore new global markets, reviewing GOED’s consumer data can provide keen understanding of how consumers think and act when it comes to their health -- and omega-3 usage -- decisions.

GOED has been the primary independent global resource for the omega-3 industry, spanning research, regulations, sourcing, production, marketing and education.

Visit​​ and​​ to learn more, and please contact Mike Roberts​​ to learn more about accessing GOED’s consumer data and joining the GOED Proud Member logo program.

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