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Aker BioMarine - Krill oil – the supplement that simply matches the needs of the omega-3 consumer - November - 2018
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Krill oil – the supplement that simply matches the needs of the omega-3 consumer

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Finding products that directly meet consumer needs can be challenging, however this is one of the most crucial activities brand owners must do in order to ensure success of their product in the marketplace.

What are some of the biggest reasons for consumers to stop taking their omega-3 supplement?

  • Fishy after taste
  • Large capsules
  • No perceived benefit or lack of desired effect

What is krill oil?

Krill oil is a unique supplement for heart and liver health, which naturally contains the essential long chain fatty acids EPA & DHA, phospholipids, choline and astaxanthin.

It comes from the species of krill known as Euphausia Superba, which live in the Southern Ocean in the pristine and clean waters near Antarctica.

The unique combination of nutrients in krill oil has been shown to be an effective source at raising your body’s omega-3 levels which helps to keep the heart and the rest of your body healthy. In addition, choline plays an essential role in maintaining good liver function which is a growing concern with today’s westernized lifestyles.

How does it work?

Superba Krill oil has several beneficial effects that meet consumer needs and demands.

  1. Superba Krill oil is backed by 4 EU Authorized Health Claims based on the content of EPA & DHA and choline, which pertain to both heart health and liver health. These claims are ready to use for brand owners and can be included in the marketing, product listing and content surrounding your krill oil product, be it on e-commerce or the retail shelf packaging.
  2. No more fishy burps. Superba Krill oil contains phospholipid bound omega-3s which give no fishy aftertaste after consuming the product. Consumer research shows that “fishy burps” are the number one reason why consumers stop taking fish oil.
  3. Efficient mechanism of action. Studies show that phospholipid bound omega-3s are better incorporated into the red blood cells when compared with triglyceride bound omega-3s. This can lead to an efficient rise in the bodies omega-3 levels and may be a more effective delivery from of EPA and DHA to where the body needs it most.

See how the phospholipid-bound omega-3s in Superba Krill oil work below:

Aker BioMarine offers the full spectrum of krill oil supplements

Superba Krill is the most researched krill oil on the market today. Backed by 4 EU Authorized health claims for heart and liver health, Superba Boost represents an opportunity like no other, with the ability to diversify your product range with clear, scientifically backed messaging.

Through years of experience and dedication to omega-3 phospholipids science, the Superba Krill brand is a trusted mark providing the highest quality krill oils. The krill fishery is given an “A” rating by the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership and combined with certified sustainable by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) demonstrates how well the fishery is managed.

Brand owners who are looking for a unique, effective, consumer friendly supplement with 4 proven and regulated health claims need look no further.

Going to Health ingredients Europe? Come meet us!

Aker BioMarine is exhibiting at Health Ingredients Europe. Still unsure about krill oil? Come to our booth and get our total run down of all the possibilities with Superba Krill oil.

Hall 8, stand F70 – look for the Aker BioMarine or Superba Krill logo!

Contact Gubznf.ornqanyy@nxreovbznevar.pbz​ if you’re interested in coming along for a chat.

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