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Biotis: advanced dairy ingredient solutions for optimal gut health
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It’s time for a new, holistic approach to health. With Biotis™, we’re starting with a good gut feeling

The Biotis portfolio works with the body’s natural processes, supporting all the essential functions for a healthy, active life across four key benefit areas: gut health, sleep, immunity and maternal health. As such, Biotis enables brand owners to develop standout foods, drinks and supplements with powerful health benefits that are highly relevant to consumers, right now and in the years to come. It’s all possible thanks to FrieslandCampina Ingredients’ world-leading scientific understanding of dairy’s nutritional potential, our extensive application expertise, and our dedication to keeping our fingers on the pulse, which provides us with unique and actionable global consumer and market insights.

Good health is gut health

The impact of gut health and the microbiome on overall wellbeing and vitality was underestimated for many years. But thanks to expanded and rigorous research over recent years and the proliferation of communications channels, health-conscious consumers are increasingly recognising that nutrition, gut health and general wellbeing - both mental and physical - are inextricably linked. Recent research reveals that for 42% of people, mental health is a priority, while 37% want to improve their digestive health.1​ These overlapping groups of well-informed individuals seek multifaceted solutions that can impact different aspects of their health at once.

By now the digestive health market alone is a $60 billion a year industry.2​ These figures are set to rise as demand for gut health solutions continues to grow. There’s a real concern about gut health out there, and people are more receptive than ever to new solutions that can help them feel better – as long as they have the demonstrated effectiveness and quality that can put them at ease. That counts for families in the home, as well as brand owners in the workplace. And aren’t they in many cases the same people, after all?

For some, good gut health is more than just a personal priority – it’s a way to keep food on the table. That goes for everyone whose job is physical, who needs to work without inhibiting symptoms like cramps, bloating or constipation. It counts even more so for extremely active people, who are disproportionately affected by digestive health concerns. Up to 50% of athletes suffer from gastro-intestinal problems, which can impair their performance or recovery.3

The magic of the microbiome

There are more microbes living inside us than there are cells in our bodies. And 95% of these 100 trillion symbiotic microbes live in the gut. It’s especially exciting when we consider that the microbiome is more accessible and manipulatable than the human genome, and what that could mean for potential new therapies.


Good gut health relies on microbiota that is balanced, diverse and stable. Healthy microbiota offers many benefits, including defence against microorganisms, as well as helping to produce serotonin, which is important for both mood and gut function. Not to mention, our microbiota changes composition as we age, which means that our gut health needs vary over time. As such, supporting the gut over the course of our lives requires ingredients that are deeply researched and understood by experts in the field.

From infant nutrition, in expert hands

The science behind Biotis Gut Health stems from FrieslandCampina Ingredients’s class-leading expertise in early life nutrition, where the gut is underdeveloped and issues such as digestion are at their most important and most complex. That means we have decades of experience in the science of prebiotics and their application as ingredients. Over more than forty years, alongside some of the world’s leading academics and researchers, we have developed an unsurpassed understanding of the wonders of the human microbiome, and we’re leading the way in discovering more.

A gut moment for Biotis GOS

Our new Biotis Gut Health solution is a prebiotic ingredient composed of galacto-oligosaccharides, or GOS for short. Biotis GOS is supported by a strong body of research, demonstrating its effectiveness in improving GI (gastro-intestinal) health for both infants and adults. We’re proud that our GOS prebiotics are the most researched in the world. They have been scientifically proven to significantly increase levels of ‘friendly bacteria’ (Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli) in the gut, to ease constipation and to reduce other GI symptoms such as bloating, flatulence and abdominal pain.

Biotis GOS in an action shot

We designed Biotis GOS to appeal to manufacturers and brands as much as consumers, which is why we’ve made sure it’s versatile and flexible enough for a range of applications. Biotis GOS has a clean sensory and flavour profile, and is available as both a transparent syrup and a white soluble powder, so it can seamlessly integrate into a variety of products for consumption at home, at work or on-the-go.

Our Pro-Digest Health Shot application is just one example. This ginger and lime flavoured shot fits in a pocket or handbag, so is easy to incorporate into any routine. Containing 5g of GOS per serving, it’s refreshing and convenient, both alongside and between meals. And there’s more to discover from the Pro-Digest snack series, demonstrating just how versatile our expertly-developed GOS can be.

Want to know more about Biotis Gut Health? Let’s connect and find ways to create the next generation of gut health products, together. Get in touch with us at:

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