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GOED Educates Consumers about Omega-3 Benefits

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GOED Educates Consumers about Omega-3 Benefits

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In today’s information-overloaded world, it’s very difficult to get the attention of the consumer. The challenge of educating consumers about health and nutrition topics is cutting through the noise and making sure you are offering relevant information.

GOED, the Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3s, has been developing tools and strategies to teach consumers about the important health benefits of omega-3s. When you are ready to undertake a consumer education program, here are three important tips to consider:

1) USE RESPECTED SOURCES TO REACH YOUR AUDIENCE. In one example, GOED completed consumer market research in 20-plus countries around the world and learned that Western consumers are much more likely to start taking an omega-3 supplement product if it’s recommended by a health practitioner. As a result GOED developed an infographic for doctors and is now undertaking a comprehensive education program targeting pharmacists and nurse practitioners. 

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2) UTILIZE VIDEO TO CAPTURE ATTENTION. Today’s world is all about video content — about 1 billion hours of video content is watched on YouTube every day — so GOED has developed video content educating about the benefits of omega-3s. Our videos​ ​detail the important benefits of omega-3s for heart health, brain health and prenatal health and are available in English as well as Chinese.

3) SIMPLICITY AND EASY-TO-READ MATERIALS ARE IMPORTANT. In addition to being overwhelmed by information, today’s consumer is confused about negative headlines and scientific studies that contradict each other. Therefore it’s important to provide easy-to-understand content that help clarify the science and the news. GOED has designed multiple consumer infographics​ ​on a variety of topics and we have discovered that making sure there is positive information available for consumers and media helps to counteract the negative news in people’s minds.

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