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Hydroxytyrosol soluble in omegas: an innovation

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The Mediterranean Diet (MD) is considered to be among the healthiest ones worldwide and inhabitants of the Mediterranean basin exhibit high longevity and lower incidence of age-related disease (Capurso, Crepaldi & Capurso, 2019).

Extra virgin olive oil is the main source of lipids (Visioli et al., 2018) characterized by the presence of monounsaturated fatty acids (oleic acid -omega-9-) and selective olive oil  polyphenols (OOPs) and considered a sustainable and an ideal model for cardiovascular prevention (Miguel A. Martínez-González et al; 2015).

OOPs are shown to possess antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, cardioprotective, neuroprotective, antidiabetic, antiobesity, antisteatotic, antimicrobial and many other properties. According to numerous investigations, these effects are mostly attributable to hydroxytyrosol (HT), tyrosol and their derivatives (Ana Karković Marković et al; 2019 Molecules).

Hydroxytyrosol (HT) is the largest and most active orto-diphenol from olives. It is considered as the foremost phenolic component of olive oil (Visioli et al: 2020). It is a potent scavenger of several free radical species that exhibits a protective action for cells against oxidative stress (E. Miro-Casas et al Clinical Chemistry 2003).

It is considered as the foremost phenolic component of olive oil (Visioli et al: 2020). It is the only phenolic compound backed by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). A health claim was included under the art. 13 of the European Regulation EC No 1924/2006. 5 mg of HT and its derivatives contribute to the protection of blood lipids from oxidative stress, one of the most frequent cardiovascular risk factors.

HT is shown to possess antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity with a wide spectrum of biological effects (Ana Karkovic Markovi et al.; Nutrients 2019). This high antioxidant efficiency is attributed to the presence of the o-dihydroxyphenyl moiety. It has also shown to confer additional  antioxidant protection by increasing the endogenous defense systems against oxidative stress. It activates different cellular signaling pathways and increases internal glutathione. Inflammation is the major player in age-related pathologies (a phenomenon termed “inflammaging”) (Calder et al., 2017).

EFSA has also backed the EPA and DHA contribution to the maintenance of normal blood triglyceride levels, blood pressure and function of the heart.

The combination of EPA/DHA and natural hydroxytyrosol is an ideal complementary combination, not only for heart health but also for many benefits. It is the combination of two of the essences of the Mediterranean Diet. It is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory natural solution.

Omega's main function is to maintain the normal blood triglycerides levels and the normal function of the heart. You can work to diminish cholesterol, but you will always have cholesterol in your arteries since cholesterol is internally produced and externally consumed. The body needs cholesterol. It is a very relevant molecule. We need to work on the diminishment of the oxidation of the cholesterol (atherosclerosis; oxLDL). 

Some years ago we knew that 73% of Spanish consumers would pay more for the hydroxytyrosol addition into their omega formulations, according​ to TNS research.

Hytolive Infinity: Innovation

Genosa R&D team has formulated a unique olive extract rich in natural HT that will extend the use of natural HT to omega oils. (fish, krill, algae and land based oils).

The ingestion, not only of essential fatty acids, but also the right balance of fatty acids is crucial for optimal health. Functional oils are being increasingly requested by consumers. The incorporation of natural HT, the antioxidant natural essence of EVOO, omega-3 oils contribute to reinforce them.