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Why are vegan gummies an innovative and convenient format
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Vegan gummies: Meeting the needs and wants of today’s consumers

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Consumers are looking for more innovative ways to get their vitamins.

As the health and wellness industry continues to grow, there has been a noticeable shift towards convenient and easy-to-use formats. Supplements and vitamins in pill form have been around for decades, but consumers are now seeking alternatives that fit with their busy lifestyles and offer a more enjoyable experience. With this pressure on brands and retailers to keep up with the ever changing needs and wants of modern consumers, gummy formats have taken hold.

The supplement market as it stands

Before looking at the gummy market, it’s important to understand the macro trends happening in the supplement industry as a whole as these often dictate what is trickling down to create micro trends.

There are several things to note when it comes to the current supplement market. Firstly, there is a growing focus on healthy ageing or ’agelessness’ as it is becoming known. As the population ages and consumers seek to maintain a healthy lifestyle into their later years, supplements that cater to this demographic are becoming more popular.

Secondly, multivitamins are at the top of the list of desired supplement types due to their ability to provide reassurance to consumers that they are consuming multiple vitamins and minerals in a single dose.1

Lastly, consumer demand for more convenient supplement formats is on the rise. Many people experience pill fatigue and are looking for easier, more enjoyable ways to consume their daily dose of vitamins and minerals. Not only this, but flavouring has also become a vital consideration for supplement manufacturers as consumers are no longer willing to accept mediocre products.

So, what’s happening in the gummy space?

Gummies can offer a more exciting consumption experience different to that delivered by pills and capsules. When looking at the market as it stands, it is important to note that the majority of gummy products (98%) are available in just one flavour for each supplement line.1​ However, further data shows us that this does not affect the final purchasing decision for the consumers of these products.1

In terms of health positionings of gummies, multivitamin, beauty, gut, brain and energy are the most popular need-states with over half (56%) of gummy products launched in these areas. That’s not to say other need-states aren’t also gaining traction; gummies targeting immunity, sleep and women’s health are amongst the other emerging positionings.1

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Plant-based products still reign supreme

Unsurprisingly, plant-based products are still dominating the gummy market. Nick Morgan Managing Director of the specialised data and insights provider Nutrition Integrated explains that “vegan is almost a prerequisite now” and of the 11 most popular gummy need states in Europe, “vegan” was the top claim for 10.

Creating top notch products for customers

As a leading supplier of nutritional ingredients and product solutions to the sports nutrition, health and wellbeing, food, beverage and animal nutrition industries, Cambridge Commodities always strives to supply products that meet the demands of consumer-driven marketplaces.

Innovation is one of the three core pillars on which the company was founded, alongside quality and service, so what better way to show this than add vegan gummies to its portfolio of shelf ready finished products.

Using the highest quality ingredients, Cambridge Commodities has formulated a range of vegan gummies that cater to a wide range of the most popular need states whilst also factoring in a few up-and-coming ingredients that have been growing in popularity. Its gummies are palm oil and GMO-free, stable, naturally flavoured and with an extended shelf life, their potency and flavour are retained.

Tap into a growing market

As consumers become more health-conscious and busier than ever, supplements that are convenient, tasty, and effective become more and more essential. Learn more about Cambridge Commodities’ vegan gummy range​ and how you can tap into this growing market.


1. ​Data paid for and acquired by Nutrition Integrated.

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