Active Nutrition With Collagen Hydrolysates

Format: External webinar | Document type: Webinar

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Healthy Ageing 2017

Active and agile: At an advanced age, the body must be supplied with sufficient protein to counter the natural breakdown of muscle mass. Elderly consumers around the world are becoming more aware of the relationship between food, sports and overall health.

Join us for this webinar and learn more about:

- Insights on elderly consumers perceptions of health benefits and needs
- Collagen peptides – the underestimated protein: benefits and study results
- Markets for collagen products in Europe and US
- Health food concepts with collagen – not only for elderly people


Gerhard Kuehn Gerhard Kuehb Head of sales nutrineo – health food solutions

Verena Claus Verena Claus Marketing / Product Manager nutrineo – health food solutions

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