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Convenient lutein formulation for dietary supplements.

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Convenient lutein formulation for dietary supplements.

Many dietary supplement formulations are softgels, hard capsules, or solid beverage powders. Often tablets and capsules are not suitable for people who haves wallowing problems, and solid beverage powders need to be dispersed in water to drink. Therefore it is often not convenient for consumers to take anywhere and at anytime.Directly consumable lutein esters powder can eliminate these problems. The powder can rapidly melting in the mouth, improving absorption efficiency and bioavailability. Most important, it gives the consumer the flexibility to take a dietary supplement anytime and anywhere without water. It’s the most convenient formulation for a dietary supplement.

INNOBIO’s directly consumable lutein esters powder is prepared with the patented microencapsulated powder technology and proprietary absorption technology. It can be conveniently packaged in a small bag for daily use.

INNOBIO directly consumable lutein esters powder advantages

- Dissolves instantly in the mouth for rapid absorption and improved bioavailability

- Orally absorbed without the need to mix with water and convenient for eating

- Can be packaged in small volumes for daily use and convenient for carrying

- Patented microencapsulation technology and proprietary oral absorption technology

- Meets China, EU and US quality standards

- Continuous R&D and Technical Support

Applications of directly consumable lutein esters powder

Excellent choice for a lutein esters dietary supplement for the eye health

Specifications of directly consumable lutein esters powder

12mg lutein esters /g powder

INNOBIO​ is a Chinese company established in 2003 to develop unique specialty ingredients for natural dietary supplements, specialty foods, sports nutrition, specialty beverages, supplements, and medical foods. In a few short years, INNOBIO has developed advanced technologies of extraction, concentration, purification, bio-conversion and microencapsulation of natural ingredients and is now an internationally recognized expert and supplier of specialty ingredients.

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