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Melorun®, a next generation ingredient for sports nutrition

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Melorun®,  a next generation ingredient for sports nutrition

There was once a time when sports nutrition was the realm of bodybuilders and athletes. But with ordinary consumers becoming increasingly health conscious, more and more individuals see nutrition and fitness as a fundamental part of a successful way of life. And while consumers categories widen, their expectations do too. Far from performance goals and muscle building, these mainstream sportsmen are looking for natural ingredients, transparency and integrity.

To fit those new expectations without leaving out the core users, Robertet and Bionov developed Melorun®​ : a natural and comprehensive ingredient, beneficial in the context of both moderate and intense physical training. Obtained via environmentally friendly, gentle processing, involving only physical steps with no solvent or additive, Melorun®​ benefits from complete traceability from the seed to the final ingredient.

And because a clean label is nothing without efficacy, Melorun®​ effect on sports training and recovery has already been demonstrated in 3 studies. Among them, a randomized, double-blind and placebo-controlled clinical trial on healthy males resuming sport (Saby & al., IJERPH, 2020​) and a consumer study carried out on a professional women’s volleyball team. Through a significant action on oxidative defenses, inflammation, Magnesium level and muscular integrity, Melorun®​ has been shown to promote both physical and mental well-being, for improved physical sensations during training and a better, faster recovery.

"The effect on recovery came very quickly. I felt better, in my body and in my head​."

(Satisfaction level after 10 weeks, unpublished study)

 Looking for natural and sustainability without compromising on efficacy? Melorun® ​offers an innovative solution that perfectly matches the needs of ever more demanding consumers.

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