Mobilee®: How to innovate in mobility and joint health with a clinically proven and low dose ingredient.

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Healthy ageing 2017

Healthy agers are increasingly concerned with maintaining an active lifestyle as a way to keep healthy. It is for this reason that products that support mobility and allow consumers to stay active are steadily growing.
Mobilee® is a patented ingredient, extracted from rooster combs, with high concentration of hyaluronic acid, other polysaccharides and collagen that improves mobility and supports joint health.
6 pre-clinical studies and 5 randomized clinical trials support Mobilee®’s efficacy, lubricating the joints, reducing joint discomfort and increasing muscle strength.
Mobilee®’s low dose (40-80 mg) make it very easy to formulate into a dietary supplement product or a functional food. Mobilee has Novel Food authorization and GRAS status.


Daniel Martínez Puig Daniel Martínez Puig, PhD Head of R&D Human and Animal Health

Mónica Gómez Navarro Mónica Gómez Navarro Strategic Marketing/ Product Manager

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